gp still wont accept symptoms

saw gp today and altho quite successful still have unanswered questions and unresolved issues.

including comments such as "I cant feel anything" being made every time i complain of a new symptom ie tightness in neck,new swellings or skin rashes for eg.

wont accept lupus symptoms -cos he says bloods are normal-when there is no specific blood tests for lupus .still wont accept that my weight gain is all abdominal .

I wish I could afford to go private .

thinking should I write to the practice manager again cos have had persistent chronic pelvic pain fro a year+ -the cough I had for 2 years.assuming i have IBS when it could be something more serious and not acknowledging that my weight gain is all abdominal - not measuring my stomach where weight gain is (cant say waist cos don't have one) to record In my notes.

what does anyone think I should do.(haven't heard from MP re referrals)

private scan on Friday and gynae on Tuesday.

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  • Private is a bit expensive you might wanna get 2nd opinion if they don't help change doctors

  • private is expensive .£115 fro half hour lucky that it is being paid for,iveonly got to give my brother petrol money

  • I used to have medical insurance through my husband's work but now he has retired use NHS. Private medicine is good in that you do not have to wait long for an appointment or follow up procedure or surgery. But it cannot provide answers to everything as I know from experience.

    If you are not able to accept what your GP says then perhaps you see another one in the practice or go to another practice?

  • that works both ways -my gp needs to listen to what it tell him too.

    last time I went private they discovered gallstones which my gp never did/considered?(incidentally stomach got lot worse -more swollen-after this op which I said to my gp and that I didn't get a follow up appointment as is normal after an op-and he didnt acknowledge this).ive asked him necessary questions in the past re meds - a hospital dr told me to stop taking omeprazole and two months later after endoscopy I was prescribed them again .all I did was ask if it s ok to take them as had been told not to,he kind of snapped at me saying just take them without question which was unfair.

  • Hi anbuma

    I am so sorry to read that you have left feeling so disappointed with your GP, and I am not really sure what to say apart from try a different GP?

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with your Private scan.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • thanks gp when I saw him the other day told me of the appointment with another gp they made for me.said its news to me no one s told me they've booked an appointment.he said "maybe they haven't sent a letter out yet",probably not going to get one now.if hadn't seen gp and he hadnt told me then another wasted appointment(for them not me).tomorrows going to be a long day -scan not til 6.15 in Edinburgh.being picked up at about 4pm-early dogs walk cos one of them at vets fro annual health check/ least I can sleep in the car if im tired

  • Good luck for tomorrow!

    Ken x

  • Hi Anbuma just checking did u mention sphincter of oddi dysfunction? you have such simular conditions to me. Huge stomach too.

  • hi denvajade.yes I did a while ago,what treatment if any are you on for it?stomach is just keeping on growing-now look even more pregnant.

    legs are so heavy and achy can barely walk and have to get up out of chair holding on to table etc.

  • mentioned it again today in letter to gp.along with acromegaly and lupus.

  • You have the write to a second appoinion ,you need to remember we pay there wages they x amount of money for treating you ,insists he sends you for a second appoinion good luck ,there is also a omnibus man in your area for NHS ,the doctors hate them try CAB see if you can find out who it is it took one phone call from ours to welsh assembly to get the right treatment for my dad. Good luck x

  • See on line you can find another

    dr. Who treats fibro or a R/A dr.

    I think you find them to be much

    more helpful. A compassionate

    dr who deals with this kind of

    pain will be much more helpful.

  • I'd change doctors sweetheart. Also get them to do a thyroid and vitamin B12 test to check your blood for these two things that can cause weight gain. It sounds like you are a lot like me. I have skin rashes also, but not big ones that a lot of lupus patience have. I have IBS and had the scope up the back end and down the throat, found 2 polyps in my colon and a fungus in my esophagus.... doctor's are thinking it's coming from reflux. My tongue is also swollen which I didn't even know until I saw it online when checking symptoms for my weight gain. I feel very sluggish and weak, I never knew how many problems my body could have. Hope this helps and if you have any questions just ask. xxx Mitzi

  • thanbsk Mitzi ,willreply later just going to watch program on tv

  • I think everyone here is in agreement about going toanother GP, if someones not listening then find someone who will. I would also recommend taking someone else with you, its amazing how often a third party can help conversation and question doctor on your behalf...good cop bad cop x

    Wishing you all the best of success

  • feeling very low tonight.cant help thinking how huge my abdomen is and that now I can only just do my coat collared the sofa so I couldn't even lie there to watch tv!now where s my bed.

  • you need to see another gp this one who does not listen is just making you worse and sounds like he is too snappy with his patients you should speak to practice manager as he has no patience he is supposed to be in the caring proffesion.sending you gentle huggies.lilian x

  • I cant change practices but there is one woman dr I will see.she arranged a scan but this is not til the meantime they surgery made me an appointment with another dr re stool samples.these were done a few weeks ago -now concerned they have found something.

    stomach tonight is rock hard and very sore in places and swollen another 1"i can feel pressure on my ribs stomach and bladder,legs heavy and knees achy(cysts).neck is also swollen and tight/cut with a knife??

    why cant thye recognize symptoms instead of dismissing them.

  • saw the gp on Friday and he said stool samples showed inflammatory bowel disease.arranged for colonoscopy in 3-4 weeks.few weeks ago said to my gp had blood on toilet tissue.did nothing other than examine me -didn't consider anything .he has always just said what things are not which hasnt /doesn't offer me any reassurance its not anything serious.has no empathy.

    why is it when recently I have seen different drs they take me seriously and investigate but my one just makes unprofessional comments.have I been suffering for 2 years unnecessarily.

  • dates received today fro colonoscopy.25th sept and 2nd October.walked dogs but only short walk.plevic pain all day and backpain.managed to wash floors btu only room by room and stopping in between each room .standing at sink to wash up -back pain from curve in spine-so that was stop and start.hands bad today -both so swollen and stinging sensation in palms plus CTS in left hand -had to wear splint all day.worst of all neck so swollen and not able to swallow-so tight.hope tomorrow will be a better day.

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