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ct scan/lupus/weight

I have my ct scan tomorrow -ENT-.I am thinking " can i ask them to scan my abdomen as well?or should I wait fro my surgery appt to come through and see if they discover whether or not I have a cyst /tumour as well as gallstones,

my dr asked me the other day if I was going ahead with the op and he thinks I should .I said yes and thought afterwards I should have said why are you concerned you never discovered my gallstones.i cry almost daily cos I know it is something more,

also I have the butterfly rash on my face which is a symptom of lupus and my dr claimed he had tested fro I said thats news to me you've never mentioned that and that it was 5 montsh ago if he had.i also read that nasal ulcers and a scalp condition are also symptoms of lupus which could be why I have sores inside my nose and a swollen nose and I have a scalp condition too.

it still angers me that my dr recorded me as being obese based on BMI and since I have lost weight elsewhere but my tummy is ever increasing and no one is recognizing this.

I am thinking I shoul dcontact the rheumatologist secretary with my concerns and ask her to speak with him or arrange to see him again tho I would probably need a referral.

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Hi anbuma ,,

Read your post and yes I agree get intouch your rumy,, you know my cortosil a been low since January and I have symptoms of adrenial problems but because one blood test doesn't match up they say I'm ok. Also I've heard like lupus thyroid doesn't allways show straight away. So depending on how you are when they test , maybes it doesn't show. I mean I'm not a medical in the know person but I've heard many times over people say they knew they had thyroid or lupus and it never showed , apparantly lymes has the same issue. Is there any chance you can look at the tests and get the results check via google . Because its maybe worth them checking for lupus again .

There are other conditions that may show similar symptoms too. I was surprised when I looked myself at my own how some conditions are connected to others and how similar symptoms are so like others . Do your homework and push your doc. I think I may of read a post very similar to yours or you could be same person that said about your tummy been swollen .

Sometimes I wonder why they leave things so long to run other tests because we need to know Dnt we what's wrong with us .

I have heard latley sooo many people saying they have fibro,, not on here local in shops I'm sure it's on the increase ,, also people get diagnosed with fibro and find they have other conditions also. There's no wonder we exspect it to happen now, wake up to find we have something else .

Hope you get answers soon ,, take care

Joanne x


hello joanne

so many people have different opinions.some agree with me that things don't always show on scans and others say this isnt possible.i googled lupus and from its list of symptoms I had about half I could associate with.going to email the rheumy s secretary and attach some photos of my face hands and stomach. and see what response I get tho my dr would probably take offence at this.


Hi, hope today has gone reasonably well for you? You sound so anxious I think Joanne's idea of having another blood test would be a good idea, even if it rules things out for you. If you are having a scan, maybe it would be a good idea to contact them before you go and ask whether they have to have a referral or whether they will be scanning in the area you need. In the meantime, why not take notes of what you are eating, when and any reaction to any food or drink. Include a daily weight check at the same time of the day and note that down too. And as you are concerned about your stomach, why not measure yourself 3 times a day and take notes of that too? The reason I say 3 times is there may be a link to what you are eating, and if not then you will need evidence and all of these notes will help doctors work out what is wrong.

I have found if I take someone with me, doctors pay more attention as there is a witness in the room!

I do hope everything works out for you and your pain is brought under control soon.

Soft hugs.


hello Sarah-Jane

thanks fro your reply and advice .I take note of your comments and advice and will try to keep a food diary tho I pretty much have the same every day-breakfast cereal and a small meal at lunch stomach measured 44.5 " this morning and isn't it normal fro stomach to expand a bit each day.will measure again after strue what you say about having someone with you as when isaw a dr in the past I got nowhere and when a friend said they would to go back with me they did listen more.


thanks guys .my scan is for Monday.have read your comments and will reply tomorrow.


I think myself the internet as not helped many people because you can look up symptoms and illnessess and then think you have them , there are so many conditions out there that where not there years ago and when no one could go on the internet to find out no one bothered. Sometimes it is mind over matter even with a cold you can feel you have symptoms of fibro or with flu . If your doctor is not doing what you think they should i would change them straight away and find another it is a waste of time keep going back time after time to feel let down .



hello Katheryn

that may be so but where else would one turn to when doctors don't give you any answers or explanations?and what if you have visible symtpoms such as the red butterfly shaped rash on my face and redness and sores on my hands?they are signs of lupus.i think it is a sign of the times that drs drag things out and don't listen to their patients or make I have said to otehrs changing drs is not going to happen as I have the best dr in the practice and have already switched from one practice to another because the doctors were crap.


I had all those signs too but it was not lupus it was something else , something in my diet affecting my skin. Doctors are everywhere not just in practices


did they say exactly it was?i haven't changed my diet at all and my skin probs are fairly recent.


Hugs. I hope you get some support and answers soon. I think these days GPs are so busy checking the 'tick box" health checks they get extra money for and they have stopped looking after us when we need their help.


phoned dr and hospital today.first appt is next Wednesday for dr and hospital said ct scan results are with consultant.its a month on and they said I would get results in 2 weeks


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