tomorrow s gp appointment

not looking forward to it cos it s review for swelling (and meds)which haven't helped reduce any swelling.need to tell him of head pain,bone growth and falls .need also to mention stomach which is increasing daily even tho im eating less and cos of weight gain there and loss elsewhere.with all other symptoms it s more than iBS,tho he wont discuss anything to do with my stomach probably cos he know hes wrong in his assumption of IBS but that will have to wait til next week when I see the gp re tests results.more pressure on ribs.

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  • Hi anbuma

    I wanted to wish you all the best of luck with your GP appointment. Not sure what they have given you for swellings? If there is any fluid in these swelling then an anti inflammatory medication may work better if you are not on any? May be worth asking them about one?

    Good luck


  • Hi ken.thanks .he prescribed me furosemide a month ago.have you heard of them?.don't know how to tell if its fluid or not.

  • Morning Best wishes I hope you understand all your GP tell you and it is the result you hope for


  • Hi Ginsing.i fully understand what they tell me but its not about that its also about them accepting what I tell them and not fobbing me off by saying "I can't feel anything" etc...because my gp assumed I had IBS any one else I see go on that when I've never had gp assured me that meds would reduce my swollen abdomen etc but all they did was cause persistent diarrheoa.maybe 'cause bowel movements always been normal.symptoms suggest something else.persistent swollen abdomen, feeling full. Diverticulitis etc.repeated urine infections.recurrent stomach acid-kept at bay with meds.

  • Lost my post just as almost finished so here goes again.Dr s went reasonably well he was happy with legs swelling reduced and when mentioned head pain checked blood pressure.that was OK.discussed dermatogist appointment and treatment given.arranged for me to see a practice nurse re reaction to dressing on stomach.dressing changed.did various tests -cos said I had two falls by colliding into things. Only thing not acknowledged was bone growth. Didn't Mention acromegaly which both another gp and the pm said they hadn't heard of.leaves me asking myself why they have 7 years training not to know about certain conditions and the fact that some conditions are misdiagnosed.given antibiotics for scalp flare up.still concerned about pelvic pain but seeing the female go on the 11th for blood and xray results.he mentioned CTS and told him date for op was 5th march but as yet had no written confirmation.nurse changed dressing so hopefully that will settle down.

  • Anbuma3

    sorry your having continued health concerns without remedy re your stomache swelling, i don't want to concern you but i have a friend who went through similar but gp was open to checking other things it turned out to be an ovarian cyst that was growing in size, you are within your rights for second opinion ask to be referred to another doctor or hospital!!! Best wishes for a healthier future x

  • hello honor1a,

    i don't think i've "spoken" to you before or you would know the ongoing saga with doctors. i have been battling with them for three years and know of someone -the wife of an ex work colleague-who had OC but was told she had a bowl condition, and sadly passed away two xmases ago., my symptoms relate to it as well as experiences with gp's assuming I had IBS when dismissed OC cos said scans were normal even tho CA 125 was above range. heard by two tv doctors that ovarian problems are mistaken for IBS and read so many stories in magazines of women with cysts being told they have IBS or a bowel has accepted that my weight gain is predominantly abdominal. i have told them again and again I don't have IBS and that I have other symptoms ie feeling full, poor appetite etc,-never accepted these. been threatened with removal from surgery cos of doctors attitude and "neglect".i believe pets sense when their owners are ill and mine have been behaving differently fro 18 months now -panicky when I go out without them and hating me leaving them plus wanting to cuddle up to me 24/ stomach is ever increasing so much so now that I cannot fasten coats and it gets in my way when bending down ie to clean up after dogs.

    I still have my fears cos of more and more gp's not accepting what I tell them.i still fail to understand why they dismiss symptoms.years ago my previous gp would accept what I told him and investigate every possible cause and by every method available.not dismiss things because they "allegedly haven t heard of something.

    received a leaflet on OC from Ovarian cancer trust which stated symptoms of OC/cysts dismissed or misdiagnosed as various other conditions yet need to discuss it with gp next week .

  • Hi Anbuma3

    I have commented to you before, but it was a while ago, why dont you change surgery or even go to out of hours service at the local hospital or even accident Emergency they would hopefully get to bottom of tge problem!!!! xx

  • oh ok sorry.couldnt remember.sorry to use this phrase but ive been there done that ,been to A&E before now and on last occasion was referred up to the gynaecologist the same day,he did ultrasound scan and came to the conclusion "it must be a bowel condition".despite me telling him bowel movements were local hospital is only minor injuries and run by the gps at my only hope is the female gp ,will see if she's got an earlier appointment-she only works three days a week so dont think she'll be in today.

  • ovarian cysts actually on ovaries right?ive been told that my ovaries are fine.a cyst would account for my increasing weight gain .

  • Anbuma, have you looked at the FODMAP diet. Well, it is not so much a diet as 2 lists, one of foods that make IBS worse, and one of "allowed" foods. I can eat some of the bad foods but not a lot of them.

    I had severe ambdominal pain and bloating for 3 days. I had to put heavy moist heat pads on my abdomen and lower back when I went to sleep. I still had bad insomnia. All of this resolved when I layed off the wheat and stopped putting 1/2 and 1/2 in my coffee and a few other things. I've been mostly gluten free for years and my only dairy is the half and half and sometimes cheese.

    Of course, it might have just run the course on its own with no influence from my diet, but I am sticking to it for almost everything. I make crumb cake for my fiancee to take to work and that is hard to resist, but then only a bite or two. I love brownies, but gluten free are yuck. However our Trader Joe's says they have finally discovered one which is actually good. I can't wait to try it.

    In any case I hope you feel better soon. I know you have other issues with your health and I hope the docs can get rid of them one by one. I remember when you first posted about the GP who had never heard of acromegaly. Sheesh, I totally agree with you. How do they get their MDs anyway?

  • hi ,I think I have looked at this before .and have since cut out wheat and cereals(apart from rice crispies as they were deemed ok).but i know I dont have regards dairy the only product I have daily is milk on cereal-oatibix as recommended by another member-after the dietician gave me a list of foods to avoid that would cause choking-rice crispies being one of them and suggested Weetabix but as they contain wheat I swapped to oatibix.,??.I rarely eat cheese-other than on a pizza now and again and spread(marg)is on only on occasional piece of doesn't effect me.dont even buy cakes and biscuits.if I cut out milk fro breakfast on cereal and advised nto to eat toast -cant think what I would eat as breakfast is the only meal I feel hungry for and sometimes that is forced.

    I feel if my gp was doing a proper job and I complained of head pain and bone growth the first thing would be to send me for a scan especially as its not the first time.maybe try and see the dr who referred me for colonoscopy but he said "I cant feel anything"at last time with him.which I complained about .right now have pressure on ribs/abdominal wall,

    i use heat pads to relieve pelvic pain,and I find I have weirdest dreams if I should eat quite late in the evening.

  • Lost my post again.have a dilemma .should I see Dr D today if he's available and get a second opinion on head pain and bone growth and mention acromegaly.and show him the leaflet I have saying about misdiagnosis of IBS.diverticulitis. and urinary infections. Acid reflux according to target ovarian cancer are ovarian issue.or way till I see female go on 11th.if I get to see Dr D today surgery will hold it against me and cause more grief between me and my own gp.thinking now I will see if Dr D is available .

  • Hi Anbuma....I am new to this site but after reading your note, I had to respond. I have all the symptoms you stated and wonder what it is. I must tell you I have very severe copd (29%) and fibromyalgia. My newest concern is my abdominal growth. I am a small lady and my waist has,grown by 3 inches in the last year. Big belly for such a small body. It keeps getting bigger but I show no weight gain on scales so I know I am losing is somewhere. Mod for ignores my complaint! If you get a diagnosis, let me know please. Here's to us and our tums! 👍

  • hi Mooksie.bit confused what is "Mod for"?

    feeling apprehensive about tomorrows appointment.gettting xray results which I know will be normal.hope to discuss my symptoms and thoughts of what it is.pelvic pain so bad and stomach " SO HEAVY " difficulty walking.

  • MOD was supposed to say "MD" Medical doctor. Hope you have been diagnosed by this time. I am having problems navigating this site. Jackie

  • HI Mooksie.what is COPD?some people have mentioned having this.have you been to your dr re your abdominal swelling and have you ahd any scans done?have you had any operations?

  • COPD is a lung disease. I am on oxygen all the time but still out and about. Doc's have xrayed my abdomen and find nothing! I feel very full, very extended belly. One dumb doc said maybe I was storing oxygen. !!! Anyone had this?

  • seems like we have ignorant the last 2 years all mine has told me is "its your stomach" unquote.

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