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Really down today :(

been awake since 3.45, only went to sleep about 2.30. soo tired, but legs burning and throbbing. thinking about the day ahead and it probably being another day of intermittent sleep - to catch up.

i am lucky that i will probably have a bit of energy this evening, if i get some sleep. if i don't then it'll be another migraine, feeling the pressure of one starting - but going to try get more sleep.

so down cos i so wanted to do some bits today, yesterday, last wk, last month, etc. and try n be normal for once - to at least show my family i am trying.

but its my own fault - cos i push myself, try n keep everyone happy, i'm normally so up beat n positive that i can manage the pain at a certain level - but this sleep thing is totally crap - and i find it the most crippling symptom i have - n thats even when my legs give out!!

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hi i know how you feel if you have sen my blogs the last few weeks you will se that i am not sleeping well at all at moment so i can empathise with you totally and believe it or not i still look ok during the day come teatime i look washed out but most people thin i look ok it must be all the carrot cake i am eating lol as i dont know ow i am walking about or should i say stumbling lol !!!

it is never ending isnt it but we just have to get on with it dont we ?

what else can we do ?

if anyone has any suggestions please let us ll know !

but serouisly i really do feel for you and everyone all we can do is be there for each other and try and boost each other when we are down love to you diddle x


know what u mean diddle, don't normally get so down n tearful as this, but its because i make myself have a life. but when i'm as bad as this everything starts falling to pieces and feel so useless.

had fibro about 15 years, never had any help or support with it, just managed it myself. pain is constant, but if i watch what i'm doing and don't overdo it, i normally can have some sort of productive life - but this sleep issue been bad now for a long time now. i don't want to stop what i'm doing cos i know thats the biggest part of my positivity, just feel so trapped at the mo. (trying to take a bit of time out, but i have a huge responsibility i can't ignore - so that takes everything i have spare at the mo.)

i know i will catch up eventually and my sleep pattern will find a better balance soon, but at the moment i feel like the days are just wasting away cos i'm in bed trying to sleep to feel mentally better.

i hope you manage to sort your sleep out too and soon, as i say i can cope with the pain if i didn't have this deprivation of sleep

lots of love to you and thank you for understanding xx


Aw Bumblebee

I am sorry you are feeling so down.

Sleep is so important to be able to function and not getting much makes everything seem sooo much worse.

I know alot of us suffer with lack of sleep me included and I can completely understand.

I dont know what the answer is apart from try and catch up on sleep when you can which can be hard when we have a house to run and kids to look after.

Try not to be to hard on yourself today and try to catch up on abit of sleep

I hope you dont get a migraine hun they are terrible too

take care

soft hugs

Penny xxxx


hi bumblebee

sleep deprivation is the worst part of fibro i have always been insomnic and i find resting an important part of life i no im not going to sleep but i still go to bed at 10 at night and watch a film awhilst controling my breathing and in the afternoon i take time from 1 to go back to bed but dont feel guilty about taking time out as the guilt always maks you feel worse and thats when you go into acycle and take more to get out but just look at your day as a duvet day try to stay positive as you said it does help i try to lol dont always manage it tho lol but try to rest hun hope you dont get a migraine and i really hope you get this sorted soon love and gentle hugs lyn


i truely understand where your coming from i've not had a good nights sleep in over two years

i've learnt over this time the more i worry about it the worse it gets , i've tried everything possible and nothing works

i find resting is much better than nothing and the added stress of trying to get some sleep

rest well x


Hugs I am just coming out of a complete melt down due to sleep deprivation... It is so hard to juggle god days with bad and please everyone ...

My son and partner got it big time but today we are all talking and trying to work this fibro thing out ...

Take a break rest and I really hope the real you shines through in a few days ...


Hi Bumblebee

Sorry you feeling down, but tomorrows another day. Just catch up on sleep when you can. I find I sleep better on the sofa even though we have a comfy memory foam bed.

Must be the "interesting" programmes on TV that send me off! xx


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