Has anyone tried yoga?

Hi guys,

Have just come back from my second session of yoga - 90 mins of stretching and bending like a pretzel.... :-O

It was much harder than the last session, so am creaking more than last time. Am very glad of my hot wheatpack (the best fiver I've ever spent). I'm quite bendy anyway. Must be in the genes cos my mother was a dancer and very limber. I can still do the splits at 54, but I'm morbidly obese so my knees get trashed every day! Will work on the weight, but not this week lol.

At my pain clinic years ago, yoga, pilates and swimming were recommended for fibromites. Swimming is extremely painful for me, but I'm enjoying the yoga.

I was just wondering if anybody has done/is doing yoga and is it helping you?


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  • swimming is better for me as it is mid day yoga here tends to be evenings by then i am in noddy land .. just shhows how we all need info and find the one that suits us thanks xx

  • Hello,

    I have been doing yoga for the last two years and I love it! I originally tried Pilaties but it was a little too much & yoga seems to be bit more gentle. I find it really helps, especially with my neck & shoulder pain. I love that the class I go to has 20 minutes of relaxation after the yoga - where I always find myself dosing off!

    C x

  • I did yoga for many years but recently gave it up. I began to have so much pain afterwards, that it didn't seem much help. I think it depends on the yoga teacher, some are more understanding whereas mine seemed to think I was lazy and a moaner.I will start again if I can find one that is gentle but gives a good stretch.It does help with depression too, so getting out helps and being with other people.

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