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Rheumatologist consultation tomorrow


Hi All,

I'm finally going for a consultation to a Rheumatologist tomorrow... I don't know what to expect but I hope they can help me and finally let me know if I do have Fibromyalgia or Arthritis or neither of them! My symptoms have worsened and my legs get so tired and painful and inflamed so quickly now :( I don't know WHO I am anymore. I feel so frustrated and scared... i feel as if I was an old sick lady stuck to her bed cos too fragile and in pain.

Wish me luck xxx

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Regina, tell them everything, even down to the little niggles. They should do some pressure tests on certain areas of muscle. This should tell them if it's fibro. My mother has had fibro for many years but because of her age (she is close to75) arthritis and joint related problems her pain was put down to them. Myself and my brother both have fibro and it is only now that we believe she may have suffered for many years with the wrong diagnosis. Good luck.

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Hi Penny,

thanks so much for your supporting and encouraging words. Sorry to hear about your mother and the rest of your family :( I guess they didn't know much about Fibrom. in the past. I have a body diagram where I pinned in red all the points where I have pain. I will also bring all my scan reports and images for the areas I have asked the GP and other specialists to assess in the past three years... XXX

They usually send you for blood tests & x- rays. Its exhausting. Good luck

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Good luck and yes , tell them everything!!, Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Thanks very much xxx

Good luck to you love and lots of hugs x

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thanks :) xxx

Hi Regina write everything down. I find my mind just goes blank. When i went to a Rheumatologist she was brill and looked at my list and went through everything. Best of luck x



Have you got someone going with you as an advocate? I've found this really helps. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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