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What happens to us in bed? ( no it,s not rude)

Ok I am gonna have a rant now cos it seems with fibro none of us can win.... I sit here every day and read about the many of you who can,t sleep at night and can't function in the day cos of it.... That used to be me I would dread going to bed cos I knew I wouldn't,t sleep , would get anxiious tight chest. Etc etc up and down all night trying to do something that would make me sleep..... Now... I take my night meds I have no more anxiety attacks and I can function during the day as well as my other things let me... But at what price... I get a good night sleep so I can face the day better... But the pain when I awake is horrendous... Like today ... I am typing this curled over trying to unknot my lower back... My hands swell and curl inwards my ribs are aching my ankle hurts moan moan moan ... It seems that sleeping or not I hate going to bed... I have a new bed, special pillow ... I have done every thing I can to ensure I am comfortable and I am when I drop off to sleep but in the night something happens and I wake up feeling 100... Wheni don't sleep I end up in the morning feeling 100 due to lack of sleep.... Why why why can't there be some let up just once.... Or some happy medium when I wake up feeling 50

Any ideas anyone?????

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I know that exact feeling VG! ((hugs)) gentle ones of course:) I've woken in pretty much the same way today but its raining in the west and my osteoarthritis in my hips is making an appearance too! I did think I'd be able to sit and craft today as Hubby as gone into the office... this happens once in a blue moon thanks to a great understanding boss... so there I was eyeing up all this desk space and now I can't even sit at the desk <rollseyes> Looks like I'm gonna end up crocheting today:D

Ooh Hot water bottles are great.. I tend to stay away from the heated blankets as I've ended up with a couple of nasty scars from burns when using those :(

Good luck and hope your day gets better




Oh poor you!! I really don't know what to say, life's just so unfair!!!

I hope you manage to unknot and feel better soon ~ imagine you are lying on lovely warm sand that is the EXACT shape of you, warm supported and free of knots and pain... Feel that warmth seep right into your heart and soul.

Hope that tonight is the night you wish for.

Gentle hugs xx


Hi, no I'm sorry I have no ideas at all. The only thing I can say is that now I don't take any medication unless I'm in so much pain that it is intolerable to even be alive, then I'll take a painkiller, otherwise nothing because they all have side effects and then I'll be on a viscous cycle of meds to treat the side effects of meds, etc. My Dad was on loads of different medications for years and eventually when he was quite elderly his wife took him off the lot. There was no apparent difference. Makes you wonder...


Have you every had side effects from Amitriptalene ( cant spell) my daughter was given it to help her sleep and it seems to have triggered a very nasty depression, but the docs dont want to accept this and just want to give her something else.!!!


Morning Vg

I must say snap , I have new bed, new pillow, take pills and so to bed five hours later 4.00am in agony pain killers worn off I am trying hard not to get up but find myself forced to run the morning gambt to get joints and back moving. So here I am at 58 now upright for the day oh it is lunch time oops! xgins


I like to have a hot as l can bear it bath with Lavender Oil in ( about 5 or 7 drops), Lavender is very soothing and helps relaxation and muscle pain. Of course it depends on my energy as to wether l can actually bear to have a Lavender Oil Bath or not!!!Most nights all l want to do is to sink into bed and sleep, l always have a book to read but it can be difficult in choosing a book thats interesting enough to want to read but boring enough to send me to sleep after a page or two!!


I too have given up on pain meds use hot packs massage when I can afford it.. My nights meds are dosulepin (anti depressant and low dose muscle relaxant.). Supposed to scramble pain signals to the brain while you sleep.. Hmm I feel like they have made me sleep and scrambled my body today.... Ahh well pain injections Saturday and a confrontation with the gp weds so I.ll take my frustration out on my poor gp.... And look forward to Saturday

Hope you all have a good day and those who aren't can join me in the sulky corner

Hugs VG x


I'll willingly join you chuck!!


Hello everyone! This is my first time on here but here goes. I suffer with osteoarthritis in all my joints and fibro, the pains are mainly in my lower back all the way down to my feet. I was prescribed Amitriptyline back in april/may, it worked at first but then my body became use to it and so then it stopped working. I googled fibro and discovered the do's and don't's on eating and so i thought i'd give it a go and cut out all the things it suggested like, potatoes, caffiene, dairy, acidic fruits and fizzy drinks and also white foods (food made with white flour). After a couple of weeks i started to feel better in myself, the aches and pains seemed almost none existent. I wont lie, it was not easy and so the inevitable happened and i reverted back to eating the wrong stuff :-(. Anyway as the months have gone by my condition has worsened, i carn't walk for more than 20 mins before i feel like my legs are going to cease up and my ankles and feet start to hurt. I struggle to get in and out of the car too. I just want to cry sometimes because of the pain i'm in.It's really getting me down. Trying to get to see a doctor in my town is sometimes almost like impossible as there are too many people for the surgery to cope with and so there are never any appointments available. Also they wont let you ring to make an app in advance so you have to ring on the day OR go on line the eve before. (CRAZY)!!! Anyway i'm going to give the diet another go and also gonna try and get an app a.s.a.p......i'll let you know how i get on x


Hello and welcome Debbie, it's great to have you with us in our lovely forum! Take a look through the Questions, Blogs and Tags, there is a wealth of info there, also personal experiences, advice, support and friendship too! Any worries or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask, we are always only too happy to help.

We are all in the same boat here, we all understand. I hope you enjoy your time here with us.

On a personal note regarding your message, it might be a good idea to try to get a referral from your GP to see a Rheumatologist. You would then be fully assessed and your meds reviewed, this might help you feel you are getting the right treatment and hopefully you would feel better too. Many GP's aren't that conversant with Fibromyalgia and consequently we become guinea pigs with meds that don't often help us manage our pain and fatigue etc. It can be a really exhausting process.

It might be worth giving it a try when you see your GP next. I hope your appointment goes well for you, please let us know how you get on. :)


Hello again everyone! Thank you for your reply's. I'm happy to announce that today 9/10/12 i was able to see a GP and she is now refering me to a Rheumatologist (YAY)!!!! She has also put me back on the Amitriptyline and i've also got to keep a daily diary of my pain. It took a few appointments to eventually get there lol.....just got to sit back and wait for that letter to drop through the letterbox now :-).


Hi Debbie

Welcome to this wonderful site. They really are a cracking bunch here and so much support too. You found the right place to be. Sorry if my replies are short but I cannot hold my head up lol xxxxx


I have spent years waking up exactly as described above, I think finally after trying everything even buying at great expense a huge 6' size bed with 2 separate Tempur (memory foam) mattresses that can be moved into every position known to man. If I didn't have Fibro it would be quite exciting lol! ;) Fortunately even though I don't like the mattress, hubby loves his side and even he gets into odd positions in bed now with his mattress, he elevates the top end, then the bottom end and sometimes even both lol! It's quite a vision to behold! We replaced my Tempur mattress for me with a cushioned spring one, this works better as I felt I couldn't turn over with the memory foam type, also I found it cold.

Going off at a tangent there sorry folks. Anyway, I have found the perfect combo for me so I don't wake up feeling 180 and as stiff as a board, it is as follows -

A decent Tempur/memory foam pillow (cushions and supports my neck)

A hot water bottle with soft warm cover to put on any particularly painful bits (back etc)

A heated overblanket NOT underblanket, this makes all the difference. I didn't get on at all well with the traditional heated blanket or underblanket.

Cotton sheet just under heated overblanket with top folded over duvet cover

A softer than soft pair of pink fluffy bedsocks (my feet freeze all year round)

This works a treat and 9 times out of 10 I don't have that awful waking up agony and stiffness etc. Of course we are all different and I can't guarantee this will work for you, but it honestly works really well for me, it might be worth a try though. :)


Hi LiberyZ, I have an all night underblanket, but still wake up all achy and am cosidering an overblanket, please let me know why you feel over balanket so much better

To add to your list above, a wheat filled bag heated in the microwave is a great help bacause you can wind them round wrists, neck etc., and lay across hips, wont slide off.

Alonger slimmer one, for me, is better than a short fatter one.


Lin is joining VG in the sulky corner. I got some much needed sleep last night and at first I felt like I could tackle anything today. Anything but. I had all these big ideas of what needed to be done, even shood hubby away so I could get on with it. And ten minutes in I was aching all over and ready ot go back to bed. There seems to be no happy medium in anything we do xxxxx


I dread waking up in the morning! Oh dear, that doesn't sound too good does it?? What I mean is I dread the pain when I wake in the morning!! Heat is the worse thing for me; it seems to draw the pain. Ice packs work best for me, but my body is becoming used to them now and they don't work as well as they used to.

I'm starting to fall asleep in the day cos of the restless sleep at night. Not sure if that's a good thing or not!! But I can't help it. When I doze in the chair though I wake up to pain....again!!

I also took Amitryptilene!! Never again!! I felt like my head was nailed to the pillow in the mornings and I slept all day!!!

Like Ozzygirl64 says there's no happy medium!!


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