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And so to the end of the day

Well I shall bid you all farwell, I'm eadin up the stairs

I need to hide the mirror now, I can see all me grey airs

I'm feeling rather tired, I wish it was me age

It seems to have these aches an pains is becomin all the rage

I'm alf way up the ruddy things, I really need to stop

It's like a blinkin mountain, will I ever reach the top

from here where I am standin, I spot my comfy bed

I need to reach the pillows to rest my weary ead

Climbin stairs is easy, if you are young and you are sprite

It takes me all my time these days to reach the ruddy light

Six more steps and I'll be there, the room of paradise

I need to put me bedsocks on, me feet they feel like ice

There it is, my resting place, I lower my broken body

I could ave brought a drink with me, a firey hot hot toddy

I cuddled down and cover up, the sleep I'm lookin for

I don't know why I bother as Rambo bursts in through the door

He licks my face and whines a whine, I really am too tired

He should be with them downstairs, hubby you are fired

So I say goodnight, I wish you well, and all your dreams be good

I dreaming for a nice new body, cos this ones a bloody dud

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Sweet dreams Ozzy! Another cracking post from you, thank you! I hope you have a peaceful and restful night and feel better tomorrow.

I look forward to many more inspiring posts from you! :D


Sleepwell,hope you get agood nights rest and feel a bit better tomoz(unlikely i know)you have made me smile again as you always do thankyou,

Gentle Hugs



sleep well ozzy!thanks for a smile at bedtime.




Hope you have a really good sleep tonight. Really enjoyed reading your posts. :) xx

wanderingwallflower xx


Hope you had agood mite . Sithy ps luved your pome


To you all, thankyou for your replies

I sit with the feeling of having sand in both my eyes

The sleep I got was not enough

But for me that is just tough

xxxxx ;)


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