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Hot Flushes - is this another symptom of Fibro?

I am really suffering with hot flushes at the moment and wonder if anyone else get them.

Are they a side effect of the many drugs I'm on?

I came off HRT 3 months ago as had been taking it for 10 years and am on Clonidine Hydrochloride which is supposed to stop them - but I wake up around 4 times through the night saturated.

Amitriptyline and Tramadol take care of the pain aspect and now I have broken sleep through something else - yawn....

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Hot flushes are horrible! I put them down to change of life but no matter what

the cause they have been with me about 5 years on and off.

Broken sleep is hard to deal with, I hope you get sorted out as tiredness

makes things ten times harder to manage.


have been on hrt for over 25 years now and no side afects toch wood they keep saying give it a nother 5 years or untill you are 50 will got there and still they say ye soon so who knows :-D


Going back to GP at 3pm and want something sorted out as we Fibro sufferers suffer from fatigue as it is....wish me luck x


Thank for that, so fed up of 'blushing' constantly. I'm approaching my 60th birthday so would have thought my menopause would have died a death by now LOL x


I would say it is because you have come off HRT, when I came off it, I was warned I could get hot flushes

Hope you get it sorted !


I had same prob, and i'm only 37! had all the tests incase it was early change. Doc said it was probably the meds. So could be something simple as your painkillers or ami wotsit.xx


My GP reckons that it's the amitriptyline that makes me hot and sweaty - with me it's more during the day rather than the night, however.


I've been to see my GP ( who is so understanding ) and had a hot flush in front of him. He took my temperature which was quite normal and has booked me in to get my bloods tested for just about everything!

I'm having them done next Tuesday so it will be another couple of weeks to know the results.

Will be so good to find if I'm deficient in something like vitamin D which can be rectified with something natural instead of masking the problems with pain killers and chemicals.


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