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Spotting or miscarriage


Hi All,

I’m having a bit of a stress.

I got my first BFP on Wednesday from a fresh embryo transfer. My viability scan is on Thursday 21st November. We’ve been trying for 5 years.

Over night (Saturday night/Sunday morning) I started spotting brown quite lightly. I managed not to panic as I know this can happen at this stage. However, I went out this afternoon and the flow got a lot heavier. It was still brown. I’ve come home to find a little red blood in with the brown now too. I have had a dull ache in my stomach but wouldn’t say it’s cramps. I’ve had this on and off for the last week anyway. I’ve noticed today that it’s a little tender when I inserted the pessary with the applicator.

I should add, in case it’s relevant, I’m on pessaries, Inhixa (anti coagulant), a low dose of aspirin & steroids because lupus anticoagulant was detected in a blood test.

Is it all over for me?

Could the blood thinners be causing me to bleed more?

I’ve called my clinic’s out of hours emergency number but waiting for them to get back to me.

I guess I’m just looking for reassurance so any help would be appreciated.

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Hi, really sorry you’re going through this. I’ve heard similar stories many a time and I think the consensus is that it’s a worry when bleeding bright red blood which is enough to fill a pad and are experiencing pain/cramps. You dont appear to be bleeding large amounts of bright red blood at the moment and even if this were the cause there are other things that can cause this so try not to lose hope. Maybe someone else can advise on the effects of the medication you’re taking as I’m not familiar with them.

At such an early stage you’ll probably need a blood test 48hrs apart to determine your HCG levels. This will tell you if your pregnancy is progressing. Good luck. x

Redpixie in reply to Tiddly1984

Thanks for replying. It is reassuring. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It’s very scary.

You’re welcome. I know how worry it can be so wishing you all the best...x

Bless you, it's awful having bleeding! Brown is good, even with a bit of heavier flow, brown means old blood. Have you done a pregnancy test to see if your line is still nice and dark? When I miscarried at 6 weeks my pregnancy test had already gone negative when I went to A&E so maybe it's worth doing a test just to check it's still dark? Best of luck lovely x

Redpixie in reply to Kitcat12

Thank you for replying. It’s really reassuring. I did a test on Wednesday then Friday and the line was darker. I only had one of those digital ones left today so used that and it still said “pregnant 3+ weeks”. I’ll get more of the line ones tomorrow to keep testing.

I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriage. How are things for you now?

Kitcat12 in reply to Redpixie

3+ is definitely reassuring! Your HCG must be nice and high so that's good 👍🏼

Thank you, it was last December and I'm now 28 weeks pregnant after a FET so it's all worked out for us.

I had loads of bleeding at the beginning of this pregnancy, exactly like you've described and it turned out to be a subchorionic haematoma which resolved itself by about week 9. I managed to be scanned at the EPU at 5w+3 and they saw baby's heartbeat. How far along are you, and do you have access to an EPU? x

Redpixie in reply to Kitcat12

That’s lovely news. Congratulations!

I will be 5w tomorrow exactly. I have my viability scan booked in at 6w+3.

What is a sub chorionic haematoma?

As my husband pointed out the me, if I was miscarrying there would be a lot more blood coz I’m on so many blood thinners. I bruise so easily at the moment.

Kitcat12 in reply to Redpixie

A SCH is an area of bleeding inside the uterus, they think mine came because I had 2 embryos transferred and only one stuck, so they thought the bleed might have come from the one that didn't take. They aren't common but they often resolve themselves. If you are still bleeding in a few days I would suggest you try to get in to the EPU for a scan before your viability scan, that will put your mind at rest. Your husband is right as well about the blood thinners, so it all sounds quite positive to me x

Redpixie in reply to Kitcat12

Thank you. Really appreciate you taking the time to reassure me. I’ve calmed down a bit now. And the spotting has subsided a little.

All the very best for you with the rest of your pregnancy!

Kitcat12 in reply to Redpixie

Thank you lovely, I'll be looking out for your update x

Hi everyone, just wanted to thank you for your support in my hour of need a few weeks ago. It did turn out to be spotting which subsided over the next couple of days. I had a little more a week later but have been fine since. My viability scan was last Thursday and everything was great. I saw the heartbeat. I am now 7wk + 3. Thank you for your support, it meant the world when I was losing my head and home alone. X

Cinderella5 in reply to Redpixie

Awww great news! Really pleased for you!xx

Hi Red! How are you? I hope you are feeling better. This just looks like spotting to me. You are not bleeding bright red blood like tiddly said. So it's a good sign. You also said that you took your test and it came as positive. So you have nothing to worry about. But even if it doesn't clear your doubts. Just visit your doctor and he will clear everything for you. Congratulations on your pregnancy girl. Stay blessed. Take care. Good luck! Bye!

Hi Red! I hope you are doing well. I am glad that it was spotting. It was so obvious but it's great that you got yourself checked. It's important in this journey to be careful about everything. Even a small thing can make things worse for you. So this is something everyone has to learn, don't take any types of risk in this journey. Whenever you feel like somethings wrong, visit your doctor asap. Don't waste your time sitting back at home and thinking about it. It can be dangerous for you or not, but you won't be able to identify that unless you visit a doctor. Good luck. Stay blessed. Take care. Bye!

Hey Red! How are you? I am happy that it was just spotting. It would have been a huge disappointment for you if it was a miscarriage. It's great that you didn't waste your time and visited a doctor. I don't know why people take a risk on this journey. Any type of risk is bad for you. What if it's something dangerous and time makes it even worse for you? We are all here for you whenever you need us. I will pray that things get easier for you. My blessings are with you. Take good care of yourself. Best of luck. Goodbye!

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