12dp2dt - Dark brown spotting

So I'm 12dp2dt and I had a little brown spotting last night (hardly anything) - so I tested this morning as I assumed my period was coming. The test (clear blue) was negative but today the spotting has got a lot worse. A little bit goes on a panty liner but it's mainly when I wipe and it's VERY brown. Has anyone had this and still got BFN? It's getting my hopes up a little as I've never had this before but was wondering if it could be my body flushing out blood that was produced during EC before I start my period as it seems too late to be implantation bleeding...?? Xx

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  • Hi baby d, is it your test date tomorrow? Hopefully this is old blood and not a period coming along. Xxxx

  • OTD isn't until Friday, 16dp2dt - which seems really late to me so I think I'm out unless a late implantation has occurred but the chances of that are pretty low from what I've read xx

  • I'm crossing everything that it's implantation bleeding. It definitely sounds like old blood at any rate. Is it kind of a thin mucus like consistency? I had that last time I had a BFP - hope that's true for you too sweetie x

  • It's like spotting before a period so yeh it is 'stringy' - it just seems too late to be implantation unless we have a very slow grower!!!! Xx

  • With my first son I couldn't understand date on dating scan and it turns out we didn't implant until day 9 -you can have later ones x

  • When did you get a positive? X

  • It was late I was 5 weeks 4 days xx

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