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9dp5dt - Spotting :-(


Yesterday I started spotting, was a light pink and so light could barely notice it I only knew it was there because I was wearing a liner and it had some pink/brown on it, as the day went on the cramps got more period like the spotting got heavier and I was burning up to the point I was sweating, all typical of pre period for me, was convinced that my period was about to start that I was devastated been crying in my husbands arms all night and even went to bed wearing a towel, just in case I started full on bleeding as sometimes I don’t get the few days warning of spotting and cramping beforehand it just starts!

Woke up this morning and still no bleeding :-( but I’m still burning up, cramps gone and feel like I need to pee even though I don’t and have the feeling I’m about to bleed any minute which I felt I had on Sunday but was nowhere near as bad as this

I’ve read through some posts from women who’ve bled and still got their bfp or still had AF cramps and it’s given me s tiny shred of hope that this is normal and I may still be pregnant and want to carry on until Sunday do my test and find out once and for all what the true result is.

I just need to find out now so I can just draw a line under it and try to recover before I try this again, I get really bad periods and can soak through a tampon and towel within an hour on my heaviest days but can’t take anything for it until I get a definite bfn, I feel like I’m waiting for the inevitable and as soon as the symptoms go away I pick myself up, give myself hope only for it to be taken away just as quick.

I can’t face work today but am going to go in anyway, will take a heavy layer of makeup to hide my face but need to try and keep everything normal as possible.

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Sarah I’m so sorry, I know the hurt you are feeling all too well. Thankfully the bleeding has stopped. Hoping so much that it stays away now and that this is gong to work for you. You must be totally exhausted, you’re so brave to go in to work this morning. Thinking of you and sending you lots of love xxx

The tww is such torture, really hoping the spotting is signs of implantation and AF doesn’t arrive for you 🤞

It’s hard to get up and face the day definitely is brave of you for doing so xx


Hi Sarah. Lots of hugs to you. I just wondered if it might be worth going to your GP to check that you don’t have a urinary tract infection- the feeling of needing to pee all the time and the fever are possible signs. If you take a urine sample with you, they can do a dipstick test which can pick it up.

The day before I tested I felt exactly the same. I was clothes shopping and omg I started having a massive hot flush in the changing room, period cramps and I was also convinced I was going to get a bfn the next day as these were all similar symptoms of my period coming (the massive hot flush was more than normal tho I became very dizzy from it). To my surprise I got a bfp the next day.

My clinic tested me on 9dp5dt I tested the day before as it was a Sunday on 8dp. Your clinic have given you a date for a reason tho. I had a natural FET so not sure if that is why my test date was earlier.

Good luck xxx

Hey Sarah, agree with Zoe, I’d see your GP regarding the needing to pee and fever as this does sound like a possible UTI.

Great news the bleeding has stopped - it could have been an implantation bleed.

I had very strong cramps on and off before my BFP, stronger than period cramps and it made me think the worst but I was totally wrong.

Good luck xxx

i had spotting at this time and it was more than I expected for implantation spotting. It was all good I got my BFP :)

Thanks everyone, I’ve maanged to get a doctors appointment but not until Thursday.

I got sent home from work, as much as I tried to get on with my day as normal as possible I didn’t quite manage to get it together so have had a bath, pyjamas are on and going to have a lazy day on the couch then meeting a friend later for Nando’s which I’ll just about manage, I do like Nando’s 😊

I’m starting to bleed now but the clinic have advised to keep taking the pessaries and test on Sunday so that’s what I’ll need to do, am absolutely crushed though, as if the last 9 days weren’t difficult enough this just seems really cruel to prolong the agony but if it’s what needs to be done I’ll do it.

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement it’s made a big difference I’ve really been struggling with how I was feeling but this has really helped


Hey Hun, my wishes and hugs are with you. This 2ww has been horrendous, I too only managed a half day in work before being sent home. On Monday morning I woke up sweating with extreme stabbing pain - worse than period pains but I thought it was all over. I called my clinic and was sent in for more tests which have come back clear but have to go back tomorrow morning for obs as said I shouldn't be feeling this unwell. I'm in a right panic that it hasn't worked and trying to wait to test. Enjoy your Nando's xx

Sarah_a_2018 in reply to S-Joys

Thanks S-joys I enjoyed my Nando’s, I met up with a friend ho is having her embryo transfer tomorrow, hope I haven’t put her off by my experience so far 🙈

Had just about got it together and was thinking I could go back to work tomorrow and then come the messages from family full of sympathy which is well meant and appreciated but just turned me into a blubbering wreck again, just really need this to be over, cramps and bleeding are more full on so I definitely have my period, really hoping it comes and goes quick, I might not make it into work tomorrow but I have to try and get some normality back, will see how it goes, hope everything goes well with your 2WW and you get your BFP xxx

S-Joys in reply to Sarah_a_2018

How are you doing? Did your period come on in full in the end? I feel like this 2ww has cracked me but still promising my husband I won't test early. Sending my love to you and your partner x

Sarah_a_2018 in reply to S-Joys

I’m doing ok, thanks for asking S-joys, learning to accept that this might not have worked, bleeding had been on and off since TUesday but not heavy, I was in a lot of pain last night but not typical period pain, mostly in my lower right abdomen and had a temp, took painkillers and saw my GP this morning and temp still a little high but no infection, still need to take the progesterone and test on Sunday trying not to think that far ahead because I’ll just be devastated all over again, just focusing on the day to day, made it back to work today after doctor and am getting acupuncture tonight as I don’t want to rely on painkillers so will see how that goes.

Hope everything is going well with your 2WW sending lots of baby dust xxx

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