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Red blood & brown spotting 5 weeks pregnant :(


I feel sick writing this but I feel so helpless and my clinic is closed over the bank holiday so I have no one else to turn to until Tuesday.

I’m 5w2d following our 1st BFP last Sunday. It was our 1st FET. On Friday I had a small amount of very light brown discharge which although I panicked about at the time I wasn’t too concerned as google told me that this was quite common.

Yesterday afternoon I then had a small amount of light pink spotting which progressed to some clean, fresh red blood. It soon trailed off and I’ve had very small amounts of light brown spotting ever since. I’ve been awake all night going back and forth the toilet every few hours. I have a horrible feeling about what today will bring, I feel sick to my stomach with worry.

Has anyone got any advice about this? I feel so helpless and alone as it’s bank holiday weekend x

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Morning!! Oh try not to worry i know it’s easier said than done. I remember having some bleeding early on in my pregnancy too but when I had my scan they couldn’t see where from. Just try to relax and take it easy over the weekend. Xx

Rose53 in reply to Hope85

Thank you for replying. That’s what my husband is saying but I’m finding it impossible not to worry :( How much bleeding did you have? Was it bright red too? Xx

Hope85 in reply to Rose53

No worries! It was red,pink then went brown. Hope everything is okay! Xx

Rose53 in reply to Hope85

Thank you! I really hope so xx

This happened to me early on in pregnancy . They call it dry blood it’s harmless try to relax I promise u it’s nothing to worry about. Also I go through it get out the other side. Plus I’m now in final trimester I’m 29 weeks xxxx here if u need anything . Download the app it’s amazing helped me throughout my pregnancy mindfulness ivf

Rose53 in reply to Louhanlon

Thank you for replying! Did you have red blood too? I’m trying to relax but finding it very difficult. Can’t help fearing the worst. Yes that app is brilliant isn’t it, I use it everyday xx

Yes I did. It does happen . Just try to relax . Your only 5 weeks that’s understandable I was the same . Keep with the app. I felt very anxious at the this . When are u due xx

Thank you, I will try my best! It’s all such a horrible rollercoaster. This time last week felt like a dream! Due for a scan? Not until mid September! I’m going to ask for an earlier one now when I call the clinic on Tuesday xx


If you are very worried would you ring an out of hours gp? Not sure if they would have the specialist knowledge....but might help to get some reassurance if you are worried? X

Rose53 in reply to Hidden

I might do, although I don’t think they could do anything over a bank hol weekend? We phoned the local EPUs yesterday and they’re all closed until Tuesday xx

If you start to have cramping they can give you stronger pain relief if necessary, but you’ll only need that if things come to the worst. Fingers crossed all will be well. Please rest up.

Thank you x

Hidden in reply to Rose53

I am sure all is ok - but hard if you have to wait until Tuesday - you poor thing xxx


I’m currently 6 weeks after my first FET. I’ve also had brown and pink blood/spotting. I had an early scan at the epc after ringing 111 and I saw the baby’s heartbeat. I was told 20% of women bleed in pregnancy and they don’t know why. I still worry which I think is natural, maybe

ring 111 just to put your mind at ease and get some advice x

Rose53 in reply to Larocht

Did you manage to get seen over a weekend? Xx

Larocht in reply to Rose53

No, this was a few days ago now but even if you ring 111 at least you have spoken to someone and they can give you advice x

Very often the progesterone pessaries can cause irritation too. Although it is very common, more than you would think, to have spotting. Usual advice is not to worry until you bleed enough to soak a pad in an hour. Then you need to get in touch with your local EPU.

Hopefully it won't come to that and really is just dry blood / pessary agitation.

Sending you massive hugs xxxx

Rose53 in reply to Camillage

Thank you! I hope with all my heart that it is. The red blood definitely wasn’t enough to soak a pad so that’s reassuring xx

I'm so sorry, I know how worrying it is.

I had brown spotting and then passed 4 clots when I was around 5-6 weeks pregnant. My scan last week showed a small haemorrhage but an embryo with a heartbeat. The spotting is only clearing up now I'm 8.5 weeks.

There isn't much that can be done and I know how hard it is to relax. It may be worth getting your HCG rechecked once you can just to give you some reassurance. A scan may not show anything and just make you more worried. I had an earlier scan and the sac looked empty but obviously wasn't. It just made me more anxious.


The clots must have been so terrifying, so glad everything has worked out for you and hopefully things will go smoothly from now on! Yes that’s what I’m afraid of too - I think it’s too early for a scan to show anything. I just feel like I’m in a hellish limbo at the moment xx

Hi Rose, you must be utterly exhausted with being up through the night and worry. I’ve never been in your situation but just wanted to say I hope that all will be well and take care. Is it possible to ring your clinic’s out of hours number? Sending you love xx

I too had bleeding on and off till 9w6d with my little boy and they could never find out why. I was told to drink lots of water as dehydration can cause it, rest but not stay on bed rest as that can effect blood flow to the womb so keep mobile but nothing major, paracetamol if any pains as I had constant period type pains too. At 5w4d there was a sac and yolk then a week later the heartbeat. I know how scary it is but bleeding especially light doesn't have to mean anything bad and very common first trimester. I now have a 10 month old. Good luck xx

Thank you so much for your advice! Was your bleeding red? I’ve just had some dark brown watery type discharge as well xx

I had a mix of red and brown, enough fill middle of a pad at times too. I freaked because I'd had a miscarriage 2 months before pregnant with my little boy but looking back I can see how different they were and the early miscarriage there was no bleeding or spotting, it was awful pains then the heavy period symptoms and it was all very fast and over within 18 hours. The spotting red and brown and discharge I had with my successful pregnancy was nothing like miscarrying and after all my googling (a lot) it is very very common first trimester. The midwives at epu told me it's the most common reason women see them but also spotting very normal. I was always told if heavy red that fills a pad that's when to go straight in. I know how worrying it is hun but my gut tells me what your experiencing isn't miscarriage. Today rest and potter at home, drink lots of water as helps blood flow to the womb. Oh and the pessaries can cause bleeding, brown blood and a discharge too as irritates the lining of the vagina so definitely use rectally xx

Your message has made me cry (in a reassuring way). Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. I’ve been trying to relax today but I’m pretty much shaking every time I go to the loo. Feel like a nervous wreck waiting for the next wipe! I so hope you’re right, thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Xx

I had brown spotting and clots with a bit of bright red but all was fine at the viability scan. They said it just looked like the lining was irritated but it was nowhere near the baby. I switched to using the pessaries rectally and the bleeding completely stopped


Rose53 in reply to CC2018

Thank you! I’ve started doing that too xx


I know lots of women here had some bleeding early on in their pregnancies and went on to a successful outcome.

When you think about it, in some ways it should be normal to bleed a little - embryo is currently embedding themselves further into your womb :) (if that makes sense)

Does your clinic have an on-call doctor? They might advise you to increase your pessaries. I would switch over to rectal insertion for a bit as well to make sure it’s not irritation from them. Drink lots of water, try to get some rest and be kind to yourself and cuddle up with a good film. You may still get some spotting but that does not mean it will get worse. If the bleeding does get worse and you can’t manage it- you can go to your local A&E but the problem is that hardly any scans are done out of hours unless you are lucky enough to see a gynaecology junior doctor who does scans themselves.

I’m a GP and that is the gist of the advice I would give you over the phone (obviously I don’t have your full history so can’t give you full advice). Xxxx

Thank you so much for your advice! We’re told not to phone the OOH number as they don’t class bleeding as a medical emergency. Would you recommend phoning 111 to see if they know of anywhere I could go to for a scan or do you think this would be a waste of time? Xx


At 5 weeks, you often can’t see the heartbeat so you might just be opening yourself up to more uncertainty and no reassurance. You would end up needing another scan a week or so later to check . It’s such a horrible time- no advice on how to make it feel better :( xx

😔 I know there’s nothing I can do to stop the worst from happening so I just have to wait and see. This journey can be utterly brutal. Thank you for your advice xx

I had exactly the same thing at 5 weeks, I had bright red blood it's terrifying, I was able to go to my clinic for a blood test the next day and they called me back for a scan the following day, everything was fine and there was no explanation for the bleeding, I'm almost 17 weeks pregnant now and haven't had any more bleeding. Put your feet up and get as much rest as you can.

Sending you lots of positive thought and best wishes 💕 Xx

Rose53 in reply to NB610

Thank you so much! Did you have any brown discharge after the red blood? So pleased everything worked out well for you. I hope with all my heart that it does for me too xx

NB610 in reply to Rose53

Yeh I had a bit of discharge for a day or so that eventually disappeared. Hope everything works out well for you, it's such a rollercoaster xx

It’s horrible being in limbo. Try to keep yourself as busy as possible and speak to your clinic on Tuesday.

My local epu won’t do a scan until the six week mark so you may find you have to wait a while longer.

I know there’s plenty of women who have bleeding and go on to have a successful pregnancy and baby so I hope you are one of them x

Thank you so much! I really hope so too 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Xx


I had brown spotting and clots. Was advised to rest and keep using progesterone. Keep calm as it won’t help your body if you panic. Hope all goes well x

Thank you! Your username is very apt! Xx

Hidden in reply to Rose53

Thank you Rose53! It really is a difficult and worrying journey. I’m told people with natural pregnancies also panic. Best wishes x

I’ve read lots of stories on here where people have spotted blood and in some cases even lost small clots and they have gone on to have healthy pregnancies. I dread seeing blood when I go to the loo and thankfully haven’t as yet, so I really do feel for you as it inevitibly would make anyone worry. When I went for my scan on Thursday the nurse said she could see a pocket of old blood in my uterus, so this may come out at some point and is nothing to worry about as it’s really common. Wishing you the best of luck for a healthy pregnancy 💕🙏 Xx

Rose53 in reply to Clover5

Thank you very much! Wishing you all the best too xx

Hi. I am in the same boat, I had a fet on 8/8 and got my BFP on Tuesday.

Yesterday evening (5wks 1day) I had slight discomfort and brown spotting when I wiped after going to the loo. I’m also getting pains which can only be described as period pains but not quite.

I rang the on call ivf consultant who said to go to the unit in the morning for blood tests.

I’ve since had the discharge twice more after going to the loo. I miscarried during my first pregnancy at 11.5 weeks and am terrified that it’s happening again.

I hope everything goes well for you and just wanted you to know that you are not alone. Good luck xx

Rose53 in reply to Weezeaj

Replied below - pressed the wrong reply button! X

So sorry to hear that you’re also in a worrying position! Especially after going through your loss - that must have been totally devastating. We had our ETs on the same day - I really hope that we both have happy outcomes this time xx

I’ve just had a call from the clinic saying my hcg levels are looking good, they don’t want to see me now until my viability scan in 2 weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to relax until then.

I hope things have eased off for you, I’ve got everything crossed for you xx

That’s great news, such a relief for you!! I haven’t had any more red blood yet, just very small spots of light brown/beige. I’m keeping everything crossed 🤞 I managed to speak to an IVF nurse today - I can’t have a scan until Friday when I’ll be 6 weeks. This is going to be the longest week to date I think!! Xx

abcgirl in reply to Rose53

I went through the same thing too (bleeding at 5 weeks) and i asked for a beta blood test from my GP. If that doesn’t work you can order a blood test online on Medichecks - order two and do them about 2 days apart to confirm that your HCG numbers are doubling because just one doesn’t tel you anything . (I also did that)

abcgirl in reply to abcgirl

Oh although if your scan is Friday then no point in the blood tests... good luck!

Thank you very much for your kind words! I’m feeling a lot calmer today and trying my best to be positive xx

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