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Endo fatigue - how to perk up?

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Hi... What do you do to help perk up from the endo fatigue?

I'm all tired out today, and it happens every single day. Gosh. I think this is fatigue. There must be something I can do to perk up again.

I have stage IV endometriosis. I've healed from my diagnostic lap now (had it 5 weeks ago), awaiting MRI scan & possible surgery. I have a "remedy pack" with Mirena & cerazette to slow the endo, amitryptaline & ibuprofen & paracetamol for pain relief, and vitamins & supplements for overall wellness (peppermint, probiotics, ginger, turmeric & black pepper, vitamin with omegas & vitamin D and calcium). This approach is helping. Before I started, I visited A&E for pain, so this is a real improvement. I am sore, but I can get by for now.

It's pretty shocking how quickly I get tired/fatigued compared to before my last visits to A&E, before the lap.

I'm not drinking coffee anymore because it was aggravating my heartburn. I kind of suspect the heartburn was from years of coffee and ibuprofen on an empty stomach (I have mended my ways!). I miss the energy lift of having a coffee (although I knew it was temporary).

So... My energy is hiding. I'm in bed (again), futilely trying to recharge.

I suspect there is no "quick fix". Maybe the answer is 6 months of slow yoga, every second day.

What do you do to keep your energy up?

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Hey! Im sorry youre struggling with fatigue, me too!

I have had a couple of protein bars as i cant tolerate much food at the moment and they seem to be helping for now :) I'll keep checking this feed for any other ideas anyone comes up with!

Rachel X

Hi Yellowlights, I think you're onto a good idea there with the snack bars - with the idea of not losing energy by being hungry. I find that my energy just plunges if I'm late in having a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

I struggle with this, the best thing for me was to cut out sugar as I was crashing all the time - I also found spatone iron sachets really helpful Even when my iron levels are fine I found they perk me up a bit - otherwise just go with needing rest as you need to heal, it sounds like your looking after yourself really well 🙂xx

Hi, Just a couple of thoughts about what may be causing the fatigue.

I don’t know how long you have been on the amitryptyline but it can make you sleepy, that seems to settle down after a while.

Recovery from surgery is really tiring and can take a while, (Iam experiencing that just now and I am exhausted).

No longer relying on coffee could have a big impact too.

You have had some good advice, eating regularly, every few hours can help, slow release carbs and some protein. Definitely don’t delay meals. And rest when you need to, don’t push yourself.

Good luck x

It’s also about how we deal with things mentally.

If you’re used to doing loads of stuff and achieving things, then it’s going to be difficult when your body simply refuses to cooperate.

Also, you’re still healing. It takes longer than you realise, particularly because you’ve got to build up your strength and resilience again.

Small goals - brush your teeth, get dressed, eat your 3 meals a day (if you have enough energy: cook those meals from scratch) go a long way when you suffer from fatigue. At least you’ve not stayed in bed all day! That could be your baseline, then build up from from that - can I do my yoga? Can I go for a walk? Can I do the housework?

I’m sure you’ll get your energy back, but you have to be patient- like couch to 5k! But beware, once you do, you might get fatigue days again and that’s when you have to be kind to yourself and go back to your baseline.

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June_Viola in reply to Moonglo

Thanks Moonglo. 🙂I've been thinking about these topics too. I'm thinking it's time to change - where success becomes "showing up", rather than doing many things at full speed & full strength.

I missed my entire last term of language classes because of the lap, and probably also because of some burnout from the intensity of office work in the weeks leading up to it. In the four weeks I took off to heal (With a doctor's sick note), I more or less refused to work on anything with dreaded performance goals. And I skipped my evening classes too, and didn't do the homework.

I completely forgot that language learning is a hobby, and that I do it for fun. I was just feeling the pressure of the upcoming exam, and expectation from my extended family (by marriage) that I'll be fluent soon (they're waiting for me to start speaking a foreign language - which is nice, and also intimidating).

Any way, I'm at the point where doing something - anything - is a success. I've had my first week back at work -- remotely - and I've started to catch up.

I'll keep on trying. 🌿🌼🌿

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Moonglo in reply to June_Viola

Blimey, you did have a lot of activities! 😊 But it looks like you’ve been very sensible saying no to things.

It’s hard to live up to family expectations, but you know what? My grandma (from Argentina) used to come and visit us in England - she never spoke a word of English, yet she got on with loads of people because she had a big smile and didn’t take herself seriously. Hand gestures help, and nowadays Google Translate is amazing. My hubby’s in the same predicament when we go over there. Anyway, you’ll pick up your classes in time and catch up, it’ll just take a bit longer than you imagined.

And as for work, I’m glad you were able to do other projects other than the performance-oriented ones. I had a tough time with my employer’s Bradford Factor, which was a joke. Luckily their attitude is much more flexible now. Presenteeism doesn’t work, and I think a lot of employers have learnt this during the pandemic.

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June_Viola in reply to Moonglo

Hi Moonglo, I think I may have given a more favourable picture than the actual reality... I'm so guilty about this - I actually took off work the full for weeks that the doctor recommended after the laparoscopy. At work, HR told me that they would need a letter from the doctor if I wanted to come back before the 4 weeks that I'd been told to take off, and honestly, I wasn't in great shape for that time, so I stayed away from work entirely.

Looking back on it, I can't really understand why I was so entirely wiped out. I guess the healing, pain killers, and whack of new hormones more or less took me out of commission. It was a very strange experience. I had zero energy (fatigue is what I've learned people call that), and I certainly had my "negative thinking" glasses on. Everything I thought about was somehow "made bad" with my tired thinking. It's as though because my body was sore, my mind decided that everything was a threat, so the "suggested" course of action from my tired brain and sore body was to avoid everything and to hide out until the worst had passed.

But, on the brighter side of things, five weeks and an Easter weekend after the lap, and I'm kind of coping. :) I'm proud to announce that over two days, I actually mowed the tiny back yard and tiny front yard. Yes - pacing. I did it in three goes instead of all in one like the olden days before all of this stuff. I can figure this out! Eventually, I mean... with help from my kind pen-pals like you. ;)

Thank you for telling me about your relatives in Argentina - you're right that people will always find a way to communicate when they're willing. :) That's such a positive way to look at it.

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Moonglo in reply to June_Viola

Awww I haven’t heard the term pen-pal in ages! First of all, well done for getting that lawn done! 👏👏👏

Second, you did the right thing by taking the full time off because clearly you needed it. You come first, and you must look after yourself because no-one else will do it at work. And work was right in not allowing you back before the allotted time, because they’re liable if you’re not fit to work.

It sounds like you never experienced fatigue before in the way you did, and it’s a learning curve. So of course it’s been confusing and your brain will think of loads of scenarios. But you listened to your body and that deserves another 👏👏👏😄

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June_Viola in reply to Moonglo

Thanks Moonglo. I guess these are all parts of "the experience". 😉 🌿🌼🌿

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