Fatigue and endo

Hi has anyone had experience of fatigue as a symptom of endo and how do you deal with it? I suffer from extreme fatigue,sometimes during work I have to go to the toilet and take a nap for 10 minutes as I physically can't move.i experience spasm like pains in my legs and physically can't move them.i usually have to take a half an hour nap everyday after work to refuel.Does anybody know ways of dealing with the fatigue because I'm finding it really difficult. I've not had a lap yet awaiting a date.

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  • I suffer with fatigue, partly due to being in pain or discomfort all the time and losing sleep when I'm at my worst.  Unfortunately I've not found anything that helps, I just try to slow down and not to over do things. 

  • Sorry that u are going through this dreadful bloody thing. Unfortunately fatigue for me has always causes me issues and I find the only thing that helps is by listening to your body and taking time of work where u have to, unfortunately it does get quite frustrating especially weekends when u actually want to do stuff. How long u waited so far for op? X

  • Thanks for the reply.ive had pain and fatigue for years now and at one point I had testing for MS under neurology not knowing anything about endo or what it was.i was referred last year to a specialist centre which has not given me a good experience as was not seen by a consultant but a registrar.he suggested some of my symptoms were IBS and told me to go on birth control even though I told him I was trying for a baby.At that point I thought enough is enough and went private.I have gone private recently and now waiting on the NHS for a lap. For years I've tried to push myself further rather than resting to prove a point to myself that I am fit and healthy.

  • I always had problems with pain but it was in 2011 when I had my first lap and diagnosed with endo and adhesions where my uterus was attached to my abdominal wall (but they just left it) I can remember going back for my post op being in a worse state and even said they were going to discharge me.  I had to pay private to see specialist endo consultant who then transferred me on to his NHS list then operated in 2012 to sort everything out.  But I'm now back to where I was and now waiting to go back to see consultant.  One think I've learnt is to listen to my body as the more you push yourself the worse you will be.  It's so frustrating though when you want to do something but your body just wants to curl up and sleep. 

  • This is one of the worst side effects for me because at least when there's pain, you can describe it but the extreme tiredness is horrible. It just comes on sometimes with no build up and knocks you out and it's never when you don't mind it - like bedtime!

    I tend to nap when I can (not easy) to build up my energy and go for short fresh air walks when I can feel my eyes dropping in the day. Exercise really helps but just mild exercise, don't push yourself too hard. You're not alone. X

  • Thank you for all the replies ladies it really feels like I'm not on my own.xx

  • I had awful fatauge before I had my lap in January 2015 I had aheadions on pouch of Douglas attached to my womb and had endo in my womb the worse part is I have to run around after my 2 year old when I hardly have any energy as it is had to give up my job due to the level of pain I was in and going into work exhausted didn't help but so far Iv not found anything that helps the tiredness I hope u feel better soon and hopefully find something that helps xx

  • I suffer from fatigue. It's awful as I have a 3 year old and there are times when I just can't cope I can get really down about it however if I can manage it I find that I can improve my fatigue with diet and exercise. It's hard because when I feel tired and down I just crave junk but if I can be strict and organised I find cutting out gluten and refined foods and sugary foods really helps. There is lots of info on web for diet to improve endo and I did find that with exercise as well (Pilates) I can improve it but sometimes I'm too down!! Hope you find something that works for you xxxx

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