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Extreme fatigue

Hello girls I'm nt sure if it's because of my endo or wether I have something alongside it. I'm suffering with really bad fatigue and it's getting worse. I work in a care home so do 7.5 hour shifts after a morning shift I have to have a nap usually lasting a good couple of hours. For the afternoon shfts I stay in bed for as long as possible because I know I'll get tired at work. When it comes to bed time I've been falling asleep really early but can not sleep through the night I wake up quite a few times. Even after a dog walk I'm shattered and fall sleep on the sofa. My energy has drop walking up stairs ets hard and my concentration an memory have droped massively. I'm not sure what to do xx

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It definitely is linked hun, feeling like you could sleep all the time and its never enough? Lack of motivation and feeling like you just cant push yourself to do anything with out giving yourself a talking to? I'm like it all the time, unfortunately the doctors have never been able to give any advise on it specifically. I've realised when I drink as much water and less fizzy things, alcohol and cafiene i feel a little better, which is odd i know but the pain i get from caffiene makes me more lethargic! I take a few vitamins too like vitamin B which just pulls natural engery from foods..

Dont be hard on yourself you're definitely not alone, I think our bodies ar ejust so run down by fighting constant pain and the mental side of things that we just need to rest and take care of ourselves!

all the best lovely xx


Thank you very much I've tried different foods and drinks but nothing really makes the different. I've tried differnt vitamins to i really up at the giving up point. I've just found out my boss knows that I'm poorly again and have a meeting tomorrow wht her everyone does but it will probably get brought up which I hope will make it easier. She's had endo before but only one op ad that was that so she only slightly understands. Trying to stay stong it's hard tho. Thank you very much xx


Fatigue is dreadful isn't it?

I do try and sleep during the day.

Have you had any blood tests lately? It may be

worth you asking your GP to check your levels of:




And a thyroid check.

Unfortunately Endo itself does cause fatigue!

Good luck with your works meeting tomorrow.



Thank you. I haven't had blood test since my operation I need to speak to my doctor today as I was put on the waitif list to see a gyne and they just recived the letter andmy doctor changed it to emergency but they haven't recieved that. I was going to phone him but think I might book an appointment if possible xx


Awh hun i know trying to stay strong is one of the hardest parts! I have bloopd checks a lot as doctors always want to do them, they always come back fine though but i'm thankful for them trying! The last thing in the world we need is to worry about work, I hope they support you, luckily work isnt something i need to worry about becuase they have been brilliant. Its so hard getting out of bed sometimes though isn't it? Feel free to private message me if you need someone to talk to when you're not feeling so strong - strength in numbers :) xx


Thank you yes getting out of bed today was so hard somedays it's so bad. My bloods have always been fine xx


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