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average wait time for diagnostic lap?

Hi all,

I was referred for a diagnostic lap back on 7th Feb. The consultant had me sign all my surgery papers and have my pre-op done there and then. She said I should have an appointment for the Op within 6-8 weeks. Im now 12 weeks passed my pre-op and still no sign of an appointment. I have spoken with the admissions team and like many others they sort of laughed down the phone and said im a non-urgent and would be lucky to get an appointment anytime soon! I keep getting missed calls from the hospital and each time I ring back the admissions just say 'we will ring you when we give you an appointment!'

Im at a bit of loss at the moment as my lap was not only to try and diagnose the endo (and if they could remove it) but also to check for fertility issues to see what my treatment would be. Has anybody been in a similar situation or know how to have my surgery pushed forward as I don't understand why the consultant would be so eager to have my pre-op done if I have to wait at least 4 months for an appointment?

thanks in advance

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Unfortunately you could be waiting a while, it also depends on what trust area you are in and what they’re waiting times are like. I was told I would be waiting max 14 weeks, but it was 9 months before I was offered a surgery date and that was actually a cancellation. What you should do is if you know what hospital you will be attending, ring and ask to be put on their cancellations list, as you are likely to be offered a last minute date if someone pulls out. There really isn’t much more you can do that.


I’m about a week or two away from breaching the 18 weeks limit that the NHS should adhere to for a patient to be treated. Called admissions and asked for a time frame for my diagnostic lap and was basically laughed at. Despite expedite letters being sent in to my consultant who has passed these along to the relevant people in admissions, I was told there is no point in me asking as there are women on the list who are at 30+ weeks and just because it is an urgent routine op, doesn’t mean I’ll get seen any time soon.

The best I can hope for is a cancellation in the near future. I’m so past the point of coping at this point. But, that doesn’t matter when the NHS is so underfunded and stretched thin.

Sorry, that kind of turned into a rant. Anyway, the only advice I can offer is asked to be on the cancellation list and hope you get seen soon. Wait times depend on areas but from what I’ve seen, unless you’re lucky enough to be able to go private, you should expect to wait a while xx


It seems to depend where you live. I had my pre op about a month ago and only in the last few days got offered a date (June 19th😱). Though I was waiting a couple months before that- got my consultant appointment in late January early Feb. So sorry you're waiting so long, it's terrible how little endometriosis is taken seriously. Really hope they find you a date soon.

Otherwise I wonder if you could contact your consultant and explain how much pain you're in and ask if they could speed up the process. Don't know if it's usual but my consultant asked me how soon I wanted it and I said as soon as I could.


Thanks All, sounds as though all trusts have the same issue across the country and the admissions team not be very helpful! Ill have to see if anything happens by the 18 week point and if not consider my options. Its just really frustrating not knowing 😕


I was waiting a full year from being referred to the hospital to actual lap! From the referral for lap to actual op - I think 8 months x


Ladies.. I feel your pain. I have just had my lap after 9 months wait.... and being told every month that it will be next month... Sadly, our kind of laps are not an NHS priority so all I can say is that you need to keep chasing up otherwise you will continue to be one of the list and you will get your turn but it doesnt hurt to remind the admin teams how much you need the surgery. My pre OP. tests had expired and had to rush and have them all done 5 days before surgery, that's because i reminded them!!!! wish you the best.


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