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How long to wait from pre op assessment to surgery?

Hi ladies, I had a hospital appointment last week and my consultant has finally decided to do a lap and scan me again. I asked how long I would have to wait and she said 5-6 weeks for scan and up to 18 weeks for surgery. I was preparing myself for the long wait when within 2 days of the appointment I received a letter asking me to attend a pre op asseson 19thjunjune. Is it normal to have a pre op assessment a long time away from surgery or should I assume the surgery will be a lot sooner than I first thought?

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I would give them a call and see if they can confirm your op date. In my experience the pre op is a week or 2 before. Bloods are taken and other obs to prepare for the day. There's no point doing those things months in advance. I would think you're having it sooner rather than later. Fab for you if you haven't got to wait weeks.good luck x


I also think your op will be soon, in my experience my pre op was one week prior to my lap op. good luck x


Thank you for your replies. Trying not to get my hopes up but had mirena removed at hospital last week and in constant pain now so sooner rather than later would be good. Will be nice to finally get some answers as to why I am in so much pain and discomfort. The consultant also said uterus feels large so might get answers for that too fingers crossed. I am just sick of worrying what is going on inside me! x



My pre ops are always a month before my surgery then 2 days before my surgery I go back for one last blood test, the waiting a the worse bit isn't it

Good luck! X


usually inside a month of a pre-op date, but rarely under two weeks unless you're an emergency case.

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Sorry to throw a spanner in the works but a pre-op can cover alot longer than a few weeks. If I remember right I had one once and it had to be repeated because my op went over the time and it was something like 3 mths. It definitely lasts for 6 weeks easily. I had a pre-op done about 2 weeks ago for my laparoscopy which they anticipate being in July (they did apologise for the wait)


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