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Crapping Over Lap!



After 2 scans and 2 MRI's it's confirmed that I have a cyst on my left ovary that needs removing so I'm having Laparoscopy :( I didn't want this :(

I have my Pre-Op on the 21st and I'm just completely freaking out... I've never had GA or any type of operation before. I hate needles and I'm just so so so freaking out right now.

To be honest, I'm freaking out more over the needles and blood tests than I am the actual surgery, because I know for the surgery I will be asleep.

Can anyone run me through exactly what happens at the pre-op and then on surgery day? The letter said they may be taking bloods at the pre-op and I hate having that done! Is it ok to use EMLA cream? I heard that helps but I've never tried it?

Surgery, I honestly have no clue, but my mum had an operation a few years ago but it was for something different but she said that they took her blood before the surgery as well as at the pre-op ...... What?!?

Can someone please shed some light on the subject for me pleasee ?

1. Do they take blood at the pre-op and the day of the surgery?

2. Am I allowed to use EMLA cream? - how long does this take to work? and does it actually work?

3. Can I have the gas GA instead of the injected one?

4. What else happens at the pre-op and before the surgery?

5. Are the staff nice when you're a nervous millennial snowflake (haha)? - I'm worried they're going to get frustrated with me :(

I hate all this... Anxiety is the worst! I wish they would just knock me out for all of it!

Thank you for letting me release my feelings on here :) Any help would be greatly appreciated :D

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Hey, it's okay to be worried!

1. they take bloods at your pre-op to check for any pre-existing conditions, health of body, diet

2. I'm not sure about the cream, but you can mention to the nurses whom are doing the pre-op that you don't like needles. They'll help you through it all.

3. for the surgery there's two parts; they'll usually have your cannula in your arm while you're on gas and air so it doesn't hurt as much then they'll get you to keep breathing deeply while they put the anaesthetic through, then that's it, you're under. The gas and air relaxes you and the anaesthetic stops your natural body responses so they can get on with stuff. You cannot have just the one.

4. in the pre-op they'll also do height, weight and medical questionnaire. they ask if you're on any medication, will confirm you know what you're having done, where and what time (if you know that at that point). And then you can ask anything about the day and any worries.

5. With mine all the staff were nice and friendly. I don't do well with needles; I have some sort of dizzy spell / reaction to it for about 5 mins after.

Surgery day, you'll go in and be shown your bed plus where to keep your stuff. A nurse will come in and check your blood pressure etc, check you haven't eaten / drank, go through plans, and where you are on the list. You'll see your surgeon to go through what they'll do and your anaesthetist (not all places do this). A nurse will come in later with your gown, stockings, pre op painkillers (ibuprofen), and let you know what else to do. You'll be given a choice to go in with no knickers, your own knickers or paper ones - you'll come out with none so don't be alarmed! I went in with none; easier.

Have a read of my post; it may help for the future:

"All this effort does pay off - my story - hope it helps !"


ALostSoul in reply to farahziya

hey :) thank you for responding :)

blehh ... blood tests are the worst!

yeah a lot of people are saying it's 'magic cream' but I've never used it so I wouldn't know :/ I'm going to ask if they can put it on my records in big letters that I really don't like needles... I had a bad experience with an injection at high school so I think it stems from that :/

Ahh right .. I thought the gas put you under as well and then they pump the stuff in -.- never mind. I'm just trying to cut down my needle count haha!

I thought the cannula went into the back of your hand? gahhh does it sting when they put the anaesthetic in?

Ohh ok thank you :) height and weight and everything is ok, I'm just dreading the blood test...I think I'll ask to do that first so it's completely done with before everything else :P

I hope the staff are ok, I know they have a job to do, which is why I try to be quick with everything but when I freak out over needles and ask to lie down and talk about my phobia I feel like they just want to get on with their job and I'm hindering them ... I don't want to be 'that' annoying patient. -.-

Ok that's much better now I kind of have an idea of how the day is going to go, I have a blood test at the pre-op but do they take blood on the surgery day as well? My mum said they took hers pretty much as soon as she was signed in and she had a giant bruise too but she did have a different operation to me? I don't think we see our surgeon at all, only the nurses and the anaesthetist before you go under, I'm not too worried about that part as I know I'll be out for it but I just don't like the build up -.- yeah I think I'll opt for none too haha !!

Thank you so much :) I feel much better now I kind of have an idea of how it will go - if the cream works I'll feel even better about it all :D


BethanyAnn in reply to ALostSoul

Hiya love 🙂

I had my first lap last year and I think I’m going to have to have another one because they’ve found a cyst 🙁

I didn’t have blood tests done for my first lap but they did test my urine to check I wasn’t pregnant. If you have to have blood tests and you’re nervous, ask the nurse not to tell you when she’s going to put the needle in, it’s easier not knowing because they you don’t tense up - tensing causes bruising.

I don’t like cannulas either because I have tiny veins and they always struggle to find a vein first time so I always ask for the cream. You still feel the needle but I find the numbing cream does take the edge off. They usually put the cannula in the back of your hand but if they can’t find a vein they’ll go for your arm.

In the pre-op, they’ll do your height, weight, blood pressure, ask routine medical questions like you family history etc and do a general run-down of surgery day.

If you’re having a laparoscopy I don’t think gas is an option, at least it definitely wasn’t for me.

GA is fine 🙂 the nurses are always fab and they’re with you through it all. When you’re on the bed and wheeled into the operating theatre they’ll start chatting to you and gently inject the GA through the cannula in your hand - you barely feel it. One moment you’ll be chatting and then the next moment you’ll wake up in the recovery ward! There’s nothing to worry about but I completely understand being nervous.

After the op, peppermint tea is a life saver! You’ll be pumped full of gas and that’s the worst part so get the gas moving with peppermint tea! Make sure you take something comfy without an elastic waist to change into after the op, your tummy will be too sore for waist bands.

If you have any other questions then fire away but you’ll be fine 🙂 xx

ALostSoul in reply to BethanyAnn

Hello :) ahh I'm sorry they've found a cyst, it's the worst! I've never had health problems in my life but since June time it's been up and down -.-

Yeah I hope I don't have too, I already had a blood test in August and I still have the results so maybe those will do? I'm hoping! I don't know what it is, I used to be ok but as I've got older I get way more anxious now, it's the build up... I'm sitting in the waiting room, sweating, heavy breathing and light-headed right up until they call my name -.- once it's done I'm ok it's just the build-up I can stand , I have no idea what surgery day is going to be like 0.0

I'm hoping the numbing cream works, I know you have to put it on an hour before so I hope that at the hospital they will let me know when to put it on ... I'll ask at the pre-op

ohh ok all that sounds fine :) it's just the bloods I can't stand D: I wish they would knock me out and then bring me around when they're done haha!

Ahh I thought they would knock me out with gas and then put the cannula in :( never mind I'll just have to bite the bullet and hopefully, the numbing cream will help :)

I hope it all goes smoothly :) thank you for your reassurance it helps so much :) ohh ok I'll stock peppermint tea the week before so I have plenty hehe :) hmm I'm not sure I have anything without an elastic band except jeans but I don't think they'll be any good... I wish it was summer so I could wear a dress but it's freezing in November/December ... maybe I'll take my loose pyjamas and just brave the hospital public in those haha!

Thanks so much :) Did they take your blood at the hospital on the day of the surgery? I might just rub the EMLA cream all over my body so every part of me is numb haha!


They took my blood on op day, they said it was to match blood type.

:( urg I hate when they take blood! and I won't have eaten or drank anything which makes it worse! was this before you went down or whilst you were in the 'Pre-theatre' room?

Before I went down. Though i’m in Australia so it maybe a bit different than back home (UK)

Hi hun I had my in June and never had anything done before like you it was the canular that freaked me but they make u feel at ease and you just relax and let it happen I didn't have a pre op just the mrsa swabs. On the day I was an afternoon patient they took me through did bloddy pressure wee sample the canular went in they were so gentle hardly felt it went down to the ga room and that's all I remember when I woke up I felt fine ate toast had a lovely cuppa and then they wanted to take bloods but I was to dehydrated so I went to my local blood clinic the next day good luck it's really not that bad xxx

ooh right, I have a pre-op booked for the end of the month and then I'll probably be in December time? maybe ... not 100%

I get freaked out by any needle I'm hoping they let me take my numbing cream at least.. I'll ask at the pre-op whether I'm allowed ... then I'll just bathe in the cream so my whole body's numb haha :) does the canular go in before the GA room? I thought it went in at the same time? AHH I just want to sit on my settee and not go !!

Why did they want to take bloods after? can you have bloods took whilst you're still unconscious? I'd much rather that!

Hi there,

1. They take bloods at your pre-op. But do t be scared the nurses are really nice plus tell them that you don't like having them done warn them in case you do faint. Just make sure aswell that you have eaten and drink at your pre-op.

2. I don't see why you can't have the magic cream see if you go with prescribe it for you... You have to put it on 2 hours before but to be no way I don't think it really works.

3. They put a cannula in you either way, they will probs give you some relax meds . But to be honest I would say the best people to do cannula are anethasiste can't really feeling plus there is a nurse In there talking to you and making sure your ok. Plus I had a mask in that I just inhaled next min I was gone with the fairies.

4. Also at your pre-op they will do your height, weight,blood pressure ask for a urine sample to check you ant pregnant, also do swabs from mrsa and then a nurse will go threw the question book with you about yourself,health, medication ECT. Straight forward really.

5. From going for your pre-op to going for surgery every single person you will come across are lovely, keep you calm. If your on anything for anxiety take it before hand as you can. As they will tell you that at your pre-op.

Its normal to be scared I only had an op in July and then I was under again last week with this!

Try and not think off the worst. As you will just make yourself worse.

Good luck I hope all goes well and this helps you a little.


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