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Yay finally have a date for Lap :D


So I called the hospital again today they said they would have a look into my Lap date for me. So I just called them back and they finally have a date for me, I am so excited.

I have been booked in for the Lap on 24th April so not long to wait, do not know my pre op date yet but she said she will try and get a later afternoon appointment for me and send me an appointment in the post.

You would not believe how happy I am right now just pleased I have an actual date :D

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Good luck, I really hope everything goes well. Make sure you get a soft pillow to put on your tummy during the ride home, I didn't have one and those speed bumps were not my friends. Happy thoughts. xx

Very good news ! I'm very happy for you, congrats! God Bless !

I hope everything goes well for you and you will get rid of the pain for good! :) xx

Oh wow hun that is fab news so happy for you! Finally soon you will have some answers! Bet u loved telling your works that u have a date now for an op!

Good luck (not that you will need it as it will be fine) and a speedy recovery for when it is done.

Best wishes and hugs xx

Hi that's great news. I know its strange to feel excited by an op but I was exactly the same. Is such a relief after all the waiting to finally have a date when hopefully you'll finally get some answers. Good luck you'll be fine xx

great news, ha! to many people it probably sounds ridiculous to congratulate getting an op date, but to all of us who spends years constantly wondering what this pain is, well, it is a welcome relief - do you need to tell your work an exact time how long you'll be off, because if i was you i would allow yourself at least two weeks, if you feel better before then great, but don't rush back, i had mine on the 19th march, and i'm still not back to 'normal' whatever that is, trying to do more each day, my doc has given me another note until 17th april, i just know i couldn't do everything else and manage at work standing all day yet but i'm getting there - take care and keep us updated xx

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