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Hiya, I had my pre-assessment last week for my diagnostic lap. The nurse was really nice and answered my questions however when I asked if endo was found and removable would it be removed she said probably not as it is only a diagnostic lap. My boyfriend questioned what would happen and she said that if endo was found I'd be put on an urgent surgery waiting list. Was just wondering if this is normal as I would have thought they would do it all at once to save two ops in a short space of time?

She did say it was worth asking my surgeon about on the day but to her knowledge they don't normally do both.

Thanks x

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  • Definitely ask your surgeon but also look back at your paperwork, you should have been given a copy of what you signed to agree to when you were put on the list. If you can read the handwriting (!) it should say whether the surgeon will do associated removal of small areas of endo if found. This is what happened for me, it was a diagnostic lap but they found two small endo spots which they could treat with ablation. However, if they find more serious endo then they would be right to leave it for a different op. That's my understanding anyway.

  • Thanks for replying. I wasn't given a copy of anything from my specialist other than a booklet on diagnostic laparoscopy. To be honest when I went to see the specialist I was only in for about 5 minutes it was like he was trying to rush me out. I'll speak to him before my lap and explain that I'm happy for him to remove what he can if possible so he has my agreement. x

  • They will have to get you to sign something so I'm sure it will be clearer then. My surgeon came round in the morning of the op to speak to everyone on her list that day and was very keen to answer questions. She also came round after the op and told me what had happened, I wrote it all down as soon as she had left the bay as I was worried I would forget and I was glad I did as she told me more detail than the discharge notes did.

  • Ps bio oil has been great for the scars from my lap, definitely recommend it x

  • Great thanks. I'll remember to take some paper and a pen with me! I've already bought some peppermint tea from reading comments on here. x

  • My first lap turned out to just be diagnostic and no endo was removed. It's sadly not as unusual as you would think (although at first it seems crazy - why put us through multiple surgeries?) because sometimes the disease is severe and can't be dealt with there and then. If the lesions are large, or multiple areas are affected such as bladder and bowel, it needs a multidisciplinary team and a long surgery time to treat. TBH it is better that it is left alone than treated incorrectly (so for example, laser treatment/ablation isn't suitable for big patches of endo and not all surgeons can carry out excision). I had to have a second surgery to fully map out my disease and then a third to actually treat it.

  • Thanks for replying. I guess I'll just need to wait and see if they find anything during my lap and see where we go from there! I'm a bit nervous that I could finally get a diagnosis after all this time in pain!

  • The consultant that carried out my first surgery had told me it would be treated and he would put in a mirena and it would be fine, but I came round from the anaesthetic to find the opposite was true :/ TBH I think it's better to go in to the surgery knowing that's a possible outcome.

    Everyone feels nervous before that first surgery, not knowing what they're going to find. x.

  • I had a diagnostic a couple of months ago, they said they wouldn't treat anything they found as its a different length surgery and they had various diagnostic things booked in back to back. They found endo and other things too so waiting to go back to see consultant to then get put on a waiting list for next op. It all seems to take a long time between each appointment to move to the next stage but I guess they are very busy! Best of luck with the lap (mint humbugs were great for me to get rid of the gas!) x

  • Thanks, I'm glad I asked as to not get my hopes up for the op. Thanks, noted! X

  • It wouldnt be 2 surgeries in a short space of time .. i was on that 'urgent' list and it took exactly 12 months from first lap to treatment. You will be put on zoladax and then hormone until a surgical spot comes available. You might get seen faster depending on your area, but it can take time.

  • Thanks, the nurse had said she thought if a second op was required it would be a few weeks away from the diagnostic lap which is what confused me! Just need to wait on my date now x

  • I dont know, from what ive read everyones different .. i signed for diagnostic and treatment at my first lap but was too extensive. I was then sent on to a endo specialist under a team of surgeons .. But ive read some people get treated during their first lap. Not sure if its standard but i definitely had to wait 12 months under priority in my area. Xx

  • My first lap was diagnostic but the used ablation to remove the endo at a general hospital but it came back. This time I am seeing an endo specialist at a private hpsital - the second lap which was last month was just diagnostic, I am having my third pretty soon to remove the endo using excision.

  • Thanks, hope you get on okay! X

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