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Is there other alternative treatments out there for women that sufferer from endometriosis rather than the pill or the Mirena coil?


Hi there,

I'm new to this page, but hopefully maybe someone could shade some light about contraception alternatives. I've had key hole surgery back in 2013, for endometriosis. I'm only stage 2, so not too bad. I also was told I had Adenomyosis as well, but I think it comes with the territory of having endometriosis, they usually walk hand in hand. Any way I struggled to keep the pill down, a couple of years before surgery, and before I knew I had endometriosis I used to take the pill. I generally find after a few days of taking the pill, I get sick and throw up, also even after the break seven day break, I would start to throw up again. Thinking in the past, I always had very heavy periods. I generally don't think the pill did much to prevent this condition, because being sick, my body wasn't properly absorbing the pill. Which would lead me to believe the pill may of not been very productive in protecting my body from producing endometrium tissue again. As a couple of years later, I found out I had endometriosis anyway. After surgery I told the the gynae consultant about the problems I was facing with the pill, being sick all the time. So the hospital had fitted me with the Mirena coil. I only have two problems with the Mirena coil. One each month when spotting, I get really bad cystitis pains. Also I still get stabbing sensations, like I have swallowed a little razor and its sits inside my womb digging in. The other issue is I have no libido, at all. I haven't looked at anyone properly in last 5 years, I have very little interest in sex, I don't really think about it. If there has been any slight form of attraction, it last as long as two weeks max. I forget about any forms of sexual attraction, and carry on like nothing has happened. Its kind of a concern, I've just turn 35, and having a family is starting to slip through my fingers. every 5 years the coil needs to be removed and replaced with a new one. Now that five years is up, if the hospital fit me with another Mirena coil. I will touching 40 by the time the next one come out. I can't really afford to mess around with my hormone levels too much, because its effecting my sex drive. Are there other alternatives out there, which won't effect my drive? I kind of need my drive back, if I really want to be with someone, and to have a healthy sex life with them, as well as to have children with, before I get too much older than what I am now.

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There are natural options, which I am just beginning to try after doing a lot of research. Personally, I think the drs options for endometriosis isn't really the answer. I believe our problems stem from an underlying hormone imbalance and stem, throwing more synthetic hormones into the body, just complicates things.

If you are interested in trying a more natural approach, which seems to benefit many women, I would suggest reading Dr John Lee's books, there's a few but it would likely be what Dr's don't tell you about peremenomause that would be relevant to you. Also there's Wendy laidlaws book healing endometriosis naturally.

Ultimately, it's a holistic approach that focuses on balancing the hormones and rectifying estrogen dominance (the cause of things growing like endo, fibroids and other nasty things) through removing unnecessary chemicals from your environment as much as possible (it's shocking when you see it all at up), having a low hormone diet (I would argue vegan but most just say dairy free, gluten free, soy free, sugar free and alcohol free) and a lot will also need a bio identical progesterone cream to help regulate the hormone system, this works in the body differently to synthetic hormones as it doesn't stop other hormones from being produced and your body can process it completely as it would it's own hormones. It's a big change and a lot of to learn but for many, like me, it's far better than the options the drs were offering.

I'm going to be starting on the progesterone cream in about 10 days if and I'll post here how it goes.

JL0ck in reply to weekari

Hey Weekari,

I also try to eat a diet similar to the vegan diet and I honestly believe that having fallen off the wagon a few weeks ago this kicked everything off again with the pain again. Do you think this could be possible?

My next approach is to try some holistic therapies to see if they help. Every doctor and consultant I have spoken to do not have a clue about nutrition.

I have not heard about the cream you have mentioned so would really like to hear how you get on with that.

I knew I would regret getting the Prostap injections and taking hrt just doesn’t sit right with me.

weekari in reply to JL0ck

Going by the estrogen dominance theory, it could have an impact. All animal products contain hormones, this isn't really a debated point. I recently did a saliva test for estrogen dominance and the instructions said to not consume any animal products before doing the test. I think some of us will be more sensitive than others. I also indulged lately but I didn't notice any change in my symptoms but I 100% believe it's not healthy to consume animal products and it plays havoc with our bodies. You could do estrogen dominance saliva test to see what is going on with your hormones. You could even be very sciencey and do it one month eating animal products and then the following month t he will same point try it after going vegan and see if there's a difference!

When the dr told me he was prescribing zoladex, I had about a day off accepting I'd do it and feeling really unready about it but then my instrincts kicked in and that's when I started researching alternatives. I'm much more comfortable with the cream and lifestyle changes. It makes a lot of sense to me. I just hope it works.

Is not a new treatment BTW. It's been around for many many years. My only guess as to why its not prescribed is because its natural and not from pharmaceutical companies who have a lot of power in what gets researched and therefore prescribed. I'm very cynical though!

Emmyeve in reply to weekari

Which cream are you going to use & where are you getting it from? It’s a cream not a tablet?

weekari in reply to Emmyeve

I've bought a cream called 'unique natural organic cream'. It was recommended to me through a naturopath who specialises in women's hormones. I've not started using it yet though so I can't comment on how good it is. I bought it through the naturopath but of you Google it, it takes you straight to their site. It comes from America so it took about 10 days to arrive. For endo, you need to start it day 8 of you cycle (day 1 being when your period starts) so keep that in mind when ordering.

It is a cream. It's bio identical and is absorbed into the skin.


Katkat35 in reply to weekari

Hi there,

Thank you for your comment and I'll look at all those suggestions you mentioned. I have made changes to my diet from 1 year and 4 months ago, I am currently vegan, and really enjoy making food, and experimenting with lots and lots of vegetables, also I do reiki too, but I am highly interested in those books you mentioned! Wow whats that thing you meantioned bio identical progesterone cream? where can you get that from? How are you coping? I feel much confident now, thank you so much, please stay in contact with me. :D

weekari in reply to Katkat35


It sounds like you're already open to trying things a bit 'left field' so I imagine this approach would sit really well with you. I highly recommend doing a bit of reading. The Wendy laidlaw book is a fairly quick read (though I don't love her style, what she says seems above board).

The estrogen dominance theory and using bio identical progesterone cream made sense to me but I was scared to try find it on my own and knowing I was using it correctly so I found a naturopath who specialises in women's hormones and had a Skype consultation with her. That helped me feel much more confident about it all. The cream I've bought is called unique natural organic cream. It comes from America and takes about 2 weeks delivery. I think it cost about £25 but I'm not sure how long it will last yet. I just got mine today bit can't start until day 8 of my cycle. I've never wanted my period to come so much! 😂 I just hope that it does so what I've read it can do. I also have a fibroid that's got endo inside it apparently (although I'm dubious about it) pressing against my spine and the cream can completely shrink them too. Fingers crossed. I'll definitely post about how I get on.


Im so sorry to hear you are suffering :-( I also have stage 2 and poss adenomyosis. I was diagnosed in January this year after a lap. This was just under 2 years after giving birth to my only son. After numerous visits to the doctors telling him them something wasn’t right. I was also like yourself. Suffered with heavy/painful periods since they started at the age of 13. (I am now 33). I have virtually no sex drive so can imagine how tough this must be for you wanting to meet someone and start a family.

After my lap in January I did some research to see how I could help myself naturally (no hormone/contraceptive treatment ) as I have tried every pill, patch and coil and they all don’t agree with me. I read a lot of testimonials of people who had helped themselves through nutrition and had claimed to help with the painful symptoms of endometriosis. I decided to eliminate wheat/gluten, dairy, refined sugars and red meat. Eat more ‘clean’ and alornmore leafy greens/berries etc. My symptoms improved massively. I still have the heavy periods but nowhere near as painful and I had tonnes more energy.

However, I fell off the wagon for about a month (around 2-3 months ago) and I don’t know if it was a coincidence but my next periods after that we’re awful!! :-(

I am currently in the process of having monthly prostap injections (2 months so far) and feel dreadful. I hate being on any hormone treatment and will probably not get my next lot of injections and see I can help myself again through my diet.

This is obviously not a cure but I feel definitely helps the pain symptoms.

Have you ever been given any advice on nutrition and endometriosis or come across anything yourself?

I can recommend some books I bought off Amazon if you would like the names let me know :-)

Sorry for the very long reply but I understand how you feel, not wanting to put yourself and body through the hormone interference. X

Katkat35 in reply to JL0ck

HI JLock,

That's not a problem, I enjoyed reading your comment, you gals that have comment are totally amazing! Yeah I have changed my diet, I have been vegan for 1 year and 4 months, I love experimenting with food. I eat lots and lots of vegetables, I also eat a pineapples and all sorts of wonderful I do occasionally make a vegan desert now and again. Like a cheese cake, but made with soaking cashews and blending them in almond milk. I hope those sort of foods are okay for endometry sufferers like us. I don't know if I can give back them same kindness you have showed me. Would you like me to post you some simple tasty food that is easy to cook up without having too much hassle? I have adapted some recipes to make them taste good, I don't mind sharing them with you, if it helps you get back on the band waggon?? If that helps.. :D xx

JL0ck in reply to Katkat35

Hi Katkat35,

That’s so good to hear. We sound similar with our diets etc. I have a really bad sweet tooth so I always need to have ‘clean treats’ stocked up so some sweet recipes would be great. The Cheesecake sounds lovely 😊

I am going on a 2 week holiday in less than 2 weeks so don’t know how that’s going to go 🙈🤣

Hi katkat,

I was diagnosed with mild endo (guessing either stage 1 or 2) a year ago and like you I have no sex drive at all. I’m only 20 so it’s horrible and is affecting my day to day life. I was on the pill for about 6 years and realised that must be what’s causing me to have no libido. I went and got the coil fitted last week to see if that helps. I wish I could just not be on anything and let my hormones go back to norml but I don’t want the risk of getting pregnant as it’s not the right time yet. If you find anything that helps your drive can you please let me know. Sorry I weren’t much help xxx

Hi! I totally agree with diet, exercises and the whole holistic approach. I'd suggest one more thing- Chinese medicine (herbs and accupuncture). I've wrote couple of times about it in different posts - for me, after 10 years suffering from sides effects of pills, patches, coil, I finally feel good. I had the surgery in July, confirmed stage 4. I've been using TCM since April. First time in my life now I have 28 days cycle and easy period which lasts max 5 days. If you want to give it a go, just look for certified, trusted practitioner. Good luck! :)

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