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First gynae app, do I go straight for a laparoscopy or try the mirena coil first?!

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I’ve had my first gynaecologist appointment and she’s advised most of my symptoms point towards possible having both adhesions from a previous c-section and endometriosis.

She’s given me the option of going for a diagnostic laparoscopy now or waiting 6 months and trying the mirena coil to see if that helps my symptoms and then having a diagnostic laparoscopy later if I feel the need. I’m not sure what to do?

My main fear is having a lap and it not finding anything and feeling I’ve wasted their time. I’ve been to my go on and off for many years with these issues and finally feel I’m getting somewhere. Am I just delaying the inevitable by waiting on a laparoscopy or does anyone manage symptoms with the coil ok?

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Book in for the lap but get the coil fitted in the meantime because the waiting list for laps can be quite long depending on where you live x

Thank you, this is what I have been thinking this afternoon. I think it’s taken a while to sink in that a healthcare professional agrees that something isn’t quite right and it’s not just all in my head as many GPs have suggested. This last month my leg pains have been awful and reduced me to tears, I’m not sure I can cope with that every month and that was one of the main symptoms that leads her to believe I have endo (aside from all the other common ones).

I would get yourself on the list for the laparoscopy, at least if you have that you’ll know if you definitely have endo or not, and if need be the coil can be fit at the same time to manage your symptoms

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As in my above reply I think this is the sensible option! Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it.

I would get on the wait list for your lap and get the mirena fitted in the meantime. I had the same reservations as you, scared of going through surgery for them to find nothing and be back at square one, but I'm lucky that I stuck with it and they found stage 4 endo.. Leaving it can lead to complications especially with bowel/fertility involvement. I also found a gluten, soy and dairy free diet helped with my pain and bloating. x

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Thanks, I think I’m going to call them today and get the ball rolling. I already follow a dairy free diet as I’ve had digestive issues in the past which I think is why most of my complaints have been brushed off as IBS despite the meds for that not working. I think I’ll also feel much better knowing for sure what’s going on in there. Thanks for your help x

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No worries, let us know how you get on. xx

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I called them and finally got through a few days ago. They’re going to set the ball rolling and get me in the list so I guess it’s just a waiting game. I must say though since seeing the consultant I hadn’t realised how much of my pelvic pains I had come to “ignore” and I’m glad I’ve made the decision to go ahead with the lap. The last thing I want is for anything to get worse x

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