This coil must be doing wonders!

I am sorry if this is too much information but I am too amazed not to share it! I had the mirena coil fitted almost 3 weeks ago and it must be doing something right because for the first time in years it didn't hurt to have sex last night! I couldn't believe it! I really hope that I carry on getting on with the Mirena because right now its brilliant! Also I have been getting NO endo pain at the moment which I would usually get on a daily basis..

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Brilliant news, congratulations, xxx

fantastic! Got some catching up to do 😉

Brilliant, the coil helped me as well! 

So pleased it worked for you: the mirena was my lifesaver too!


I like the sound of this. I'm having my mirena put in on Thursday. I'm currently on Microgynon 30 and have daily cramping and pain during sex... I had it before but unfortunately the gynae put it too low and it caused me horrific pain... It did however stop my periods and stop my pain which is why I'm giving it another go with a specialist putting it in. Your post has given me renewed hope! Thank you!! Xx

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