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Recovery after laproscopy

Hi all,

I was discharged from hospital without consultation with a doctor and without a sick note for work. I had laproscopy, hysteroscopy and uterine polypectomy and am a fair amount of pain. Hoping someone on here might be able to give me advice on recovery, what I should and shouldn't do, and for how long before I can get back to normal activities.

I asked for a sick note for work but there was no doctor available, wondering what to do as the consultant told me before the surgery this was standard at discharge and my manager asked me before I went on leave to make sure to send one.

I would really appreciate any advice about what to expect for recovery and what to do about work.

Thanks x

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Hi misses,

Recovery really depends on the person but I have had 8 laparoscopic surgeries over the years. From my experience you definately need mint tea for the wind, lots and lots of water and lots of fruit and veg/good food. Eat what you crave too though as you will have lost blood.

If the wind is trapped up top coke can help burp it up :)

If you suffer with constipation or difficulty going poo try prune juice ( buy the more expensive one) and try stool softeners again with lots of water not laxatives as they will hurt. Don't push excessively either so good food or stool softeners help pass poo easier.

Probiotic are good too and a good vitamin.

Walk about as much as you can, without hurting yourself so little and often. Fresh air if you have a garden. Rest as much as you can and try to keep a positive mind set, find things to do or watch on Netflix that might make you laugh :)

Try to take pain meds regularly as it will keep pain at bay but when you feel ready slow down taking them. I always found cuprofen useful as it reduced inflammation as opposed to Co codamol sort of drugs as they constipated you.

You will be swollen and bruised for a while. The bad swelling should subside within a couple of weeks but it may go on longer. Depending on how your wounds are sealed you should be able to shower and feel better for that. As they heal and you heal inside you will get an itchy belly, that's a good sign :)

Do go with your body, trust yourself is what is important and how you feel. Only you know your body.....

You could ring the hospital and ask for the note, someone could collect it for you? Or ask your GP on Tuesday, you are entitled to one!! Your boss should be OK waiting a couple of days as it's bank holiday.

Hope your recovery goes smoothly. Sending lots of love xx

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This is the such wonderful advice, I’m about to go through another lap and thought I’d have a read and this is just fab - thanks for replying to the lady it is useful for many x


Good luck to you, hope it all goes well!!! Xx

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Thanks! New surgeon - well two doing it so a bit scary but feel in safe hands. I’ve had 3 before but the scar tissue is just a nightmare and the endo has come back. Feeling hopeful from my new team xx

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Hope it goes well for you with the new team. Sorry to hear you've had to go through 3 surgeries already xx


I hope you start feeling a bit better after yours. Lots of rest xx


If you feel confident in the drs it's definitely a good start! I ended up with the same 2 surgeons one endo, one bowel who work together for a good few years!

They helped me conceive ( I never would have if they weren't so skilled) and I had a child despite having aggressive stage 4 endo, they then did my total hysterectomy a few years later as unfortunately mine does comes back :(

Multi discipline teams are definitely the best way forward !

I hope you get more relief from this op. Let us know how you get on xx


Aww this is fab to hear. The adhesions aren’t very good from my scan. The endo the consultant could see what on my right over, so god knows what it will be like when they get in. I’m on zoladex injections so the idea now is to keep on them to keep it at bay. The surgeons are both bsge registered (my other wasn’t) and one of them won an award from Endometriosis UK and is the chief medical officer at the hospital, so I’ve never felt in better hands! However, surgeries are always scary and the recovery time etc. Xx


God love zolodex, or not 🤣 hope it's going OK.

It is scarey but it does sound like you have a good team. I found when I had better surgeons it can be a bit more uncomfortable after surgery as they are more aggressive with their removal. But it's worth it!!!!! X


Yes I have got that feeling as she said they will be keeping me in - never had that before. Normally they can’t get rid of you fast enough!

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Thanks so much!

Such great advice, and reassuring from someone who has been through the process. sorry to hear you've had a tough time with so many surgeries. Hope they have brought you relief.

Thanks again, going to hunt out that can of coke from the fridge!

Best wishes x


You are welcome ❤ Hope it all goes well, you will be fine! Stay positive Xx



Sorry to hear you've got this added hassle to deal with on top of just recovering from your surgery.

Did you get any paperwork when you were discharged? I got a discharge slip that I needed to hand in to my GP but that was all I got. I didn't see a Dr either.

Your GP will be able to provide you with a sick line. Your first week of absence is self certification so you don't need anything for that but after the first week, your GP can provide it. That's what I did. If you know the GP and they've been informed about the surgery (I had to hand in a discharge note to mine) then they would probably do it if you request over the phone. I know my GP would do this, and would rather I did than use up an appointment. But Dr's all have different ways.

Recovery time is such an individual thing and dependent on so many factors so just take what feels in your best interest. You won't win any awards for rushing back to work and you'll likely suffer. I only had a laporoscopy and I think it was about 2-3 weeks before I was feeling more normal. I had been off sick before the lap and I think it was a month after that I returned but on a graded return.

I was told to try get up and walk as soon as possible after the surgery, so I did that but needed a lot of help. It was more of a shuffle. I was overly cautious with painkillers and suffered unnecessarily, I now know its better to take them before you're in to much pain. I found cocodamol the best but it doesn't suit everyone. I think the best thing is to try and listen to your body.

I hope you heal quickly.

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Thank you, I will try the gp on Tuesday for a sick note. I wasn't sure about walking around or not, so good to hear it is advised, I thought maybe so to help with adhesions but its quite sore. Will try little and often as you have done.

Thanks for sharing your experience, I hope your surgery was helpful for you.

Best wishes x


It really sounds like you haven't been given any post op info? That's rubbish. They didn't find endo when I had mine (it's just been found now 2 years later) so the post op advice I got was just general advice. It's good to move around for your circulation to prevent clots but just very gentle.

Did they give you advice about the wounds? I was given a little sheet with info on it about my stitches and a change of dressing.

If you're worried about anything, I'd give nhs24 a call and they'll be able to advise.


Yes unfortunately the doctor was not available after the surgery. I have a follow up appointment in 3 months. The nurse told me that they removed polyps from my womb but I'm not sure if they found anything from the laproscopy, or the dye test. It is quite painful though, might be bruising.

The nurse gave me some extra bandages for the wounds and said to change them in 2 days. Also to take paracetamol if it's painful so been doing that.

Thanks again for your replies, really appreciate it!


Hi misses _p

I had surgery on Wednesday so I'm day three post op. I was also told to change the dressings after 48 hours which I was really ready to yesterday. I can shower tomorrow and take the dressings off afterwards but I had bought extra because I am not sure I'm ready to leave my incisions exposed to my clothes just yet. I was offered a sick note but said I didn't need one as I'm off for a week anyway. Hopefully I will be recovered by then!

I stupidly just hovered up because I got fed up of looking at the mess on the floor and the family ignoring my asking. Took forever as I kept having to stop. Thinking it was not a good idea though now I was breathless at one point because I have still is little excess gas.

I too was told to take paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain but I went over the dosage on Thursday just because it wasn't working. I've cut back yesterday and today and has been bearable.

One of my incisions is in my belly button and that's giving the most irritation. It's right across my stomach muscles which, I'm discovering, you use for everything!

Hope you are doing well today x


Thanks hope you are feeling better,sounds like you need to take it easy for a while longer. I'm glad you mentioned ibuprofenas I was not sure if it was allowed. Good to know it's an option.

Best wishes x

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