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Post Laparoscopy Care/Advice


Hi All,

Hoping for some advice (and comfort from other sufferers). I had my lap and endo removal late last Thursday and feel so let down by the hospital!

I wasn't allowed to have anyone with me before or after the op and because I was being rushed out of the ward before I was really with it I don't remember what they said about aftercare.

*When can you take the dressings off for good? (I've replaced them twice so far)

*How long are you meant to stay off work for? They forgot to give me the sick note even though I asked for one.

*They said to shower the next day, not bath but when can you have a bath?

*How long until you can drive?

*Not that I'm considering it any time soon but when could I do some yoga again?

I also since have a throat infection to add to it all where my Uvula (dangly bit) got damaged during surgery. I can't take antibiotics unless it's life threatening though so I just have to deal with that for now.

Feeling really down in the dumps, my boss is already pushing me to come back to work so I need to get that sick note :/

Thanks in advance,

Jen x

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Rest rest and rest is the soup of the day for you!

I had 6 weeks off with a larascopic.

Didn't touch my dress ings for a week as was scared to get them infected. Especially the belly button one as it's deep & easily infectable.

Had a bath about a week later but didn't soak in tub.

Hospital rushes me out too and surgeon came to me when I was off my cake still on morphine. Your best requesting a copy of report.

Aftercare is mainly done by yourself.

However if your well enough you could pop your go see the nurse. She'll check your dressings and go can give you a sick note xxx

Jennaling28 in reply to Booboo08

Thank you for the reply Booboo.

I had already taken off the belly button dressing and it was grim! The docs had said to shower with the dressings on as they were waterproof...they were not as it turns out.

Anyhoo, still waiting for my docs to call me.

6 weeks on sick pay will kill me so I'll end up going back before that I think :( although right now I feel like I will need 6 weeks off - I never felt this bad when I had my gallbladder removed!


Booboo08 in reply to Jennaling28

I had my gn removed and it was a breeze! I walked out the hospital same day and felt like a new women.

However the 1st larascopic for endo I had knocked me emotionally and drained me physically.

I think it doesn't help with all the drugs they give you wear off. Xxx


I had my dressings removed at my 1 week post op appointment.

It was three weeks before I felt like ‘me’ again after the op. I would definitely recommend at least 2 weeks off.

5 weeks rest from sport/exercise.

Okay to drive once you’re comfortable slamming on your brakes and your belt pulling right across your abdomen. Though realistically, we need to drive to survive!

I’d personally wait a week-2 weeks for a bath.

Jennaling28 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the reply jugheadjane.

My next appointment is 4 months away :/ I'm going to speak to my doctor, if I can ever get a call back from them.

Regarding the driving that's what I'm worried about. But like you say we can't go for too lomg without it! My partner doesn't drive so we're a little stuck, thank goodness for supermarket deliveries.

I tried to do some work from home yesterday, sat at the laptop for an hour and a half and then felt wiped out for the rest of the day! Think I underestimated the affect of a lap om my I wasn't expecting them to find anything I guess.


I was told I could resume normal activity after 2 weeks. I went back to work after 2.5 weeks but the half of the third week was only because my sick note covered the third week and had to get a fit note to say I could go back early as I felt ok...still a bit tired and wasn't going to be running any marathons but I still on my bum mostly at work and needed to use my brain again. I will say however, I have just ovulated 3 weeks post lap and it was awful. I was in pain for 3 days solid. I would have been able to go to work with that level of pain but luckily it happened at the weekend and the third day (yesterday) was much less painful. My hospital wouldn't give me a sick note as you can self cert for a week which I did and then rang the doctors who gave me one without needing to be seen.

I was told I could have a bath after a week which I did and was fine. Replace dressings every other day but you can leave them uncovered after 4 days is what I was told, however I kept them covered for 1 1/2 weeks, just because I didn't want to catch them. X

I was out of action for a few weeks and I caught shingles because my immune system was low.

The nurses at your G.P. surgery can check your dressings. Feel free to see your GP to have them go through your surgery notes with you. They will have been sent a copy.

I think you’re not supposed to exercise for at least six weeks. I left it for months. I didn’t assess it based on the healing I saw in my skin - it’s the internal injury that will really be impacted by exercise. x

You should definitely try to contact your doctors or nurses and ask for your report. I think it's depends how much you had done but I was advised 4-8 weeks off work (I took 4) and I went back to exercising after 7 weeks but slowly, I started with long walks earlier. I had to stay in hospital for two nights so my dressings were changed for me but the nurse at my gp removed my final dressing and stitches a week post op, in fairness it fell over a bank hol weekend so I could have had them removed from 5 days post op. Your GP will be able to give you a sick note too.

Best of luck with your recovery x

Thank you all for your replies. My GP signed me off for 2 weeks and advised 4 weeks no driving.

The bellybutton looks a bit better, but still keeping an eye on it for now.

My stomach is really acting up now though, only in the evening though!


I'm having a lap in the next month, but the consultant I saw told me the lap was being done on the Friday so I could go back to work on the Monday??? Reading these replies have made me realise this definitely won't be the case haha!

Jennaling28 in reply to Hidden

I thought the same...and definitely not! 1 week on I still feel horrendous x

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