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Post-op recovery

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I had my first laparoscopy on the 14th and prior to the surgery my consultant gave me a sick note for 2 weeks, so it ends tomorrow. When in surgery I had adhesions which has stuck some of my organs together so they have been removed. Whilst I am feeling a lot better, I'm not 100% I still can't really do anything, lifting etc. I'm mobile but wouldn't consider walking the dog etc. Following the surgery I also got a UTI, which is a lot better now.

I don't feel ready to go back to work as of yet so I called my Drs on Monday to confirm whether I could request it over the phone or whether I had to see anyone, I was told because the hospital supplied a letter explaining what had been done I could just phone up. So today I did, and was told the complete opposite and that I needed to see someone as they did not issue my current note. I almost lost it on the phone as the first appointment I could have is Monday, when my note runs out tomorrow (great) I explained why I didn't feel I could go back to work and she got concerned over me saying about the UTI and that one of my incisions is still a bit lumpy (stitches haven't dissolved yet either) she was insistent that I wouldn't get issued one without being seen but she put the request through. I've got to call back later to find out whether its been issued or not.

Since the surgery I have felt very emotional and don't need this right now, it's really upset me to have to go through this, I've had an operation everyone heals at their own pace. I've been suffering with immense tiredness too following the operation. I was just wondering whether anyone had any advice or experience with this- what happens if they don't issue me a new note and can't see me before it runs out? I'm guessing I'll just have to go back to work? Also when did you have a bath? I love baths and have just had showers since but would love a bath!

Sorry this is such a ramble of a post but I'm a bit all over the place at the moment and just a bit upset that I've been pushed from pillar to post by my drs yet again.

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Lots of gentle hugs and thinking of you. That's more than I had done in my diagnostic lap and I was off 5 weeks particularly suffering with that post op chronic fatigue you describe. I also had a mild UTI which I managed to flush out with water. I think the fatigue related to a sensitivity to the anasthesia.

Second surgery I was super anxious when 6 week sick note ran out that I was getting a new one a week early because work kept telling me they needed advance notice.

I had the first 2 week extension with no consult. The second renewal I was still unable to drive to asked for a telephone consult which they did the same day and they signed me off then for full 13 weeks, the max considered normal for my pretty extensive degree of surgery. It took the pressure off me a lot. I'm now due back on 19 October. I ve been turning the corner about week 8 or 9 post surgery recovery I reckon, but I had a week in hospital right after surgery with viral meningitis which has probably slowed me down a by couple.of weeks. It's just some horrid indirect after effects of that I'm dealing with now. I'll be going back on a phased return plan.

I too was told i needed an appointment with the gp to get a sick note.

After a heated discussion with the receptionist I finally managed to get a telephone consultation that day and was issued with a note for 4 weeks.

How they expect you to be fit enough to attend an appointment days after surgery I've no idea.

Request a call back from the gp and don't let the receptionist fob you off.

good luck x

Thank you both for your comments. Luckily it was all fine and the Dr just issued me a further 2 weeks over the phone.

I think I have been in the mindset that because the consultant who did my op gave me two weeks, I thought I should be better by now etc. I can't believe how much it takes its toll!

Take care xx

Yeah, has taken longer than I thought to recover. Like you I assumed a couple of weeks and I'd be feeling better. 3 weeks down the line and I'm moving about ok but still can't lift much or stretch too far.

Take it easy and try not to over do it. X

Hi lovely! Try not to stress. I've been signed off for 3 weeks but will go and get another sick note. Sick notes can be backdated as well. So if you don't go till Monday it can be back dated till when it ran out. My drs are pretty good, and normally issue a sick note over the telephone appointment. Sending hugs! X

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