Laparascopy and work issues

Not sure if anybody will be able to help, but I had a laparoscopy on Tuesday (early evening). I predicted my work would be difficult and had asked my surgeon if she could provide a note. Unfortunately she left on Tuesday evening without doing it. However she has emailed over a letter to me yesterday stating that I had surgery and she recommended two weeks off work for post-op recovery. I forwarded this onto my boss.

I've now been received an email from my boss where HR are saying I need a 'fit note' from my GP for sick pay purposes, then my boss has said that I need to self cert for the first 7 days then get the 'fit note' from the GP. It seems they aren't accepting the email from my consultant. What can I do?

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Your employer is right, there is a specific form which a health professional needs to sign to say that you are not fit for work for a specified period. It's quite poor that you left hospital without this. It should have been arranged before you left (in my experience). Your GP can do this for you, but it'll mean going to see the GP xxx

Thanks Janine. Do you know what this form is called? I'm going to try and get it from my consultant.

Is it called a statement of fitness to work? My consultant has sent through the same note, but now on letterheaded paper, which I don't think will make any difference.

It explains that a sick note is now called a fitness to work note. If you have this from your consultant then you're covered.

your gp can do you a sick note (they should be able to back date it if necessary) but you may need to go back just before it runs out to see how you are feeling and then get a fit note which means you can go back work. you shouldnt have to self certify especially as you are likely to need longer off

I just went and saw my gp and they signed me off for an extra week after I self-cert'ed for the first five working days (so, a week). I think you'll find it easier to see the gp than to get it from the consultant and you have the seven days self cert time to give you time to get an appointment with the gp! The gp can check your stitches too which is a bonus I think!

Like everyone above says - you can self certify for the first week. My GP signed me off the week after without seeing me, but I did have to go and collect the fit note. My work were really good and just told me to bring it in when I was back at work, but they should hopefully accept a scanned copy if you can't get into work :) good luck!

I posted my sick note in to work as I was paranoid about being sure they had it! Turns out I could have just handed it in when I got back.

I know I can self cert for the first week, but to be honest, I don't want to. If I self cert I have to call in every day and I have to continue trying all day until I reach someone. I was off for a few days last year after a bad fall and it was really stressful being on the phone all day everyday trying to reach my manager who was never at her desk. I was trying to avoid the same scenario post-op.

How ridiculous. We only have to call in if we have suggested we will be back and then aren't. How hard is it to get an appointment with your GP? They might be willing to do a note for you with a phone appointment?

Also if still a problem can you email your boss and ask if they really want you to ring in every day as you feel this will hinder your recovery, you need sleep, and could end up off for longer if you don't get good recover time?

Oh your work sounds like mine when i was on self cert for first four days my boss phoned me everyday when i said i wasnt going to be in so got signed off for two week by my gp and also backdated it to op date. The consultant also did the same to me abd didnt do a sick note before I was discharged. My boss even phoned me the day after my op and said i could come back after two days on phased return 🙄 Even tho i work for nhs he is a stupid physio who think recovery for a lap takes 2 days. In the end i was off for 5 weeks but i had post op complications.

So I just called my consultants office. It wasn't her secretary, but someone else who works there. Apparently they don't do fit notes and don't seem to have heard of them. I feel like I'm going round in circles. I wish I'd never had this done.

Phone the hospital where you had it done as they will need your notes to do it . your gp can not do it if you are under a hospital. Stupid hospital should have done all this on the day. Good luck x

My Mum has scanned in my discharge note and I've emailed it over to the GP today and posted the original first class, so I hope to get the note from my GP early next week. I've given up with my consultant as neither her nor anybody who works with her seems to know anything about it and the woman I spoke to at her office this morning wouldn't listen to me.

I had my lap at a private hospital - should it have been my consultant that provided the fit note or the duty doctor at the hospital? I'm just trying to understand what should have happened and if, God forbid, I ever have to have this done again I can avoid being in this situation again.



the hospital dont usually give u the sick note in my experience. i usually call my gps on way home from hospital or u could give them a call so they could have one ready for u or someone else to pick up.

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