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Doctor refused morphine and laughed at me!

So I have been in constant extreme pain for a month now since my surgery and diagnosis - also had mirena fitted. I have been taking max doses of codeine, tramadol and paracetamol. I tried gabapentin without effect. Whenever I take any NSAID medications like ibuprofen, naproxen I get worse cramps and diarrhoea, my dad also suffers from stomach ulcers and bleeding with these so that may be the case. Anyway I went to the doctor today to try get some oramorph or similar but she said that they do not prescribe anything like that for endometriosis in scotland. She also went on to say that as I only have some stage 1 endo that it shouldnt be that bad (I "educated" her on her bull**** theory). I then provided 3 books on endometriosis that she said were too old and one was American so didnt count. I then explained that I had talked to some people on this forum who had been given morphine as pain relief, she proceeded to start laughing and told me not to use forums as its just people complaining with nothing better to do. I explained that the people on the forum were the only ones I felt understood my pain and she got annoyed because I was insinuating that doctors didnt understand my pain.

Since the mirena I have had bad nausea, she said it would just be due to constipation from so many painkillers and said there was nothing she could do. She refused to take out my mirena and has in addition given me birth control pills. She also ignored when I told her the side effects of me taking NSAIDs medication and decided I needed to take mefenamic acid tablets.

I came home and for the first time in 2 years I cried my eyes out. I dont know what to do anymore but I cannot carry on with this pain. Has anyone in Scotland been given anything like morphine for endometriosis pain?

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Oh my god. First of all, I had the TINIEST bit of endo and my pain was horrendous. And I’m American so I’m not sure why the book doesn’t count.. She obviously doesn’t have to live with a debilitating disease if she thinks health forums aren’t a valuable resource when you have a condition that isn’t well known. And, most of the doctors I’ve ever seen DONT understand pain at all. (Personally I feel like you should have health problems if you even THINK you want to be in the medical field... so many lack compassion because most I’ve met are fairly healthy.)

If you feel you are not being treated properly by her I would find another doctor to see. Also it is not her decision to make you keep the coil in if you do not want it anymore. I’m not in Scotland so I can’t help you there, but maybe someone else can.

I’m so sorry you’re going through this but know you’re not alone in having a crappy doctor not listen to you properly x

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Utterly horrified beyond words. I would find another doctor and make a complaint.

You absolutely have a human right to have the mirena taken out any time you choose to, this is even clearly stated in the PIL leaflet that comes with it. I would just book a new appointment with someone else for that express purpose. If you have trouble in England there are walk in clinics that will do it not sure if there are similar places north of the border.

Then see a different person or practice and perhaps you can ask for a referral to a pain specialist? I was referred by my gynae and see one tomorrow for my unresolved post surgery pain for the first time.

Good luck sweetie, don't stop fighting

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What is it with these dr and the mirena coil!! They ram it down ur throat like it the b all end all and i would say ive spoken to one person who swears by it and everyone else has hated it....

I went to a private gynae in end as got fed up and he diagnosed me then proceeded to tell me i had to have coil i said no and he actually threw his pen down and said “well why did u come to me if u not listening to me”!!!

I was gobsmacked.

Did not give in though!!!it my body and i will do as i please but i did agree to transexamic acid which has worked and has made everythhing alot easier and i follow the endo diet

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I am so sorry that the doctor treated you so badly- I agree with others I’d make a complaint against her. I’m shocked by what she said to you- clearly she does not have much knowledge on endometriosis- what she is saying is a old crap.

I only had a small amount but the level of pain was awful. My gp was also dismissive of the pain and made me feel like I was putting it on but luckily my fertility doctor took my pain seriously and found and treated it.

Too many gps are uneducated over endometriosis but the nhs have published new guidelines and it has been very topical in the media.

I suggest seeing another doctor.

Good luck hope you get on better xoxo


Sorry you had such a terrible experience from your doctor. Can you change? As for the coil, it took me about 3 months to get used to it. I found it very hard to get used to, but once my body had adjusted to it, the bleeding stopped and my pain was - well, under control a little. I have used mefenamic acid; I'm not sure it gave me a huge relief of pain, but I didn't suffer with side effects from it. That said, I do have an ulcer which I think it enflamed with long term use.

I can't cope with Morphine on a regular basis but a friend of mine has with endo - and has been helped a lot from it. It was oramorph, although she had to fight for the right dose.

As for the nausea - you have my sympathy as I think that is one of the worse parts of all this - you can get anti nausea tablets on prescription - that may be worth looking into. I don't think I got nausea from the coil. I suspect it is the combination of tablets you are taking. Ginger and camomile tea sometimes help with nausea, too.

Best of luck - and hopefully you can find a more understanding doctor. They are out there - just take a bit of finding!


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