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hi everyone. I’m am looking for some advice please. So my partner who had stage 4 endometriosis, has had to undergo a full hysterectomy to get rid of this horrible condition. She had a laparoscopy which diagnosed this condition. During the laparoscopy they saw that the endometriosis was also growing around the bowel. Has anyone else had this. So today she was discharged from hospital after spending the night as she in theatre for 3 hours having her hysterectomy. What can I do please to help her out with all the pain she’s in. She’s has been given strong pain relief to take at home. She is also suffering from the gas that the had to put in her. I’ve been told to get some tonic water and peppermint cordial which I’ve been told can help with the pain from the gas. Please help as I hate seeing her in pain it breaks my heart knowing there’s nothing I can do to help her.

16 Replies
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one of those most important things you can do is assure she does no heavy lifting! I can’t remember for how long exactly, but it’s weeks, not days! And let her rest up! Xx

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Helpwithpain1984 in reply to Heloo85

we only got home this evening and I’m doing my best to look after her and rest up, which she doesn’t like as she’s the sort of woman who doesn’t like being taken care off and would rather look after someone else when they are unwell or has just had a operation. I must admit tonight I had to tell her off as soon as we got in. I put down on the floor her bag she had with her for her stay in hospital while I was putting the lamp on in the lounge and she went to pick it up.

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Heloo85 in reply to Helpwithpain1984

Definitely no heavy lifting! Xx

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Hi! It’s really great that you’re being so proactive and asking for your partner! :D

Peppermint definitely helps! I was chugging back loads of glasses of peppermint tea everyday for a week to help with gas pain! For most people the gas pain tends to go in 2-3days but can last longer (mine lasted about 5-6days), so don’t be worried if it does.

Id say get her to move a little and often (even just a few steps from one side of the room to the other slowly) - you can support her with this. But make sure she doesn’t overstretch herself too soon!

I found getting a U-shaped pillow helped me sleep more comfortably. Also just small things like making her favourite food (once her appetite starts coming back). Sounds silly but I had help washing my hair and after that, I felt so much more dignified (as I felt so groggy after my surgery) and that really helped me mentally!

Wishing her a speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹

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R_elep in reply to R_elep

Oh and yep endometriosis can grow around other organs like your bowel (mine did too). That usually indicates stage 4 / more advanced stage endo.

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if they didn’t remove the endo from the bowel she will still need further surgery under a specialist endometriosis surgeon and bowel surgeon as this needs the bowel surgeon to remove it safely from the bowel. After the hysterectomy has healed she will stuff suffer endo issues if they haven’t removed it all before hysterectomy.

Did they also give her hrt? If so she must take progesterone along with oestrogen especially as she still has active endometriosis.

It’s a long slow recover I found hystersisters is an amazing website with guides and tracking for what you can and can’t do at each stage. Sometimes at week 2 she might get bleeding if she had the uterus removed vaginally as it’s when the stitches dissolve so don’t worry it’s totally normal. I was panicking when it happened to me but my gynaecologist reassured me what it was and why ot happens.

Just don’t let her do much at all for at least 6 weeks!!! Good luck

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Helpwithpain1984 in reply to MyStar86

thank you for your reply. They shaved some of the bowel to removed the endometriosis and they took everything and it was removed vaginally. Will let her know that bleeding can start two weeks post op when the stitches have stated to dissolve. Yes she’s been given hrt to take. But cannot take then until 4 weeks pre op she has been told.

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MyStar86 in reply to Helpwithpain1984

I’m not sure if you can access these but they are helpful


I think the thing with the bleeding is if you were filling more than a pad an hour then you need to seek advice but if it’s spotting/isn’t heavy then it’s fine as I had it for a few days and it was bright red fresh blood so it made me panic but it is normal.

That hystersisters website will be helpful for her as she progresses through her recover it’s always good as we worry so much not sure what we can and can’t do and the doctors don’t give much post op advice

Slowly build up with walking, I’m a big walker but for nearly 6 weeks I only just made it out the close where I live but resting is best as so much needs to heal inside.

Don’t let her pick heavy things up!!

this is what I also found on the trapped gas:

Even though the CO2 is removed following surgery, the gas can become trapped against the diaphragm, causing pain and discomfort that can then radiate into the shoulder because of pressure on the phrenic nerve.Heat and pain medications often bring relief. Try using two heating pads—one on the front and one on the back of the affected shoulder. If you are not taking medication for pain, ask your doctorwhich one might work best to alleviate your gas-related pain. Also for the shoulder pain, some hospitals recommend lying on your side and bringing your knees up to your chest for 5–15 minutes. This can be difficult after a hysterectomy though, so check with your doctor first. Lying on your back with your hips elevated on several pillows may also help.To help dissipate intestinal gas, consider peppermint tea, ginger ale, or carrot juice. Some doctors recommend drinking warm liquids. Carbonated drinks should be avoided for a few days. 

Hopefully some of it helps.

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I would echo everything R_elep has said. I am only day 7 after full hysterectomy & would say peppermint & gentle movement helps the most with the gas pain, plus I have a heated pad that I use on my back to ease the pressure of the pain.

Having a supportive partner means the world, fantastic, keep it up.

Wishing her a slow but steady recovery ❤️‍🩹

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I'm so happy for your pratnet that she has someone so thoughtful and supportive to help her. The terible pain form the gas that affects the shoulder is awful but it will just stop byitself as the nerve recovers in 3-5 days so reassure her it will go.

After a hysterectomy she must not lift anything heavier than a kettle with water in for 6 weeks. She will probably need regular painkillers for a couple of months paracetamol and ibuprofen will really help. It's a good idea for her to walk just a little every day, first from bedrooom to bathroom, then bedroom to kitchen then outside to the next house then round the block etc. If you can go with her do. She can gradually and very slowly regain her mobility and in three months she will probably be back to normal.

The worrying thing is she has endo on the bowel, that might need another op but the bowel op is risky. Sadly endo is not curable, it can be kept under some sort of control by surgery but it never goes away.

But the hysterectomy should help a lot, it will mean no more periods which are the most painful thing for endo sufferers. It might make a very big difference. Reassure her that her pain from th top is temporary and that will pass, that the hysterectomy will stop those horrible periods and keep making her hot water bottles and giving her painkillers until she starts to turn the corner.

Well done you, you are doing a great job.

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Helpwithpain1984 in reply to Avourneen

tell me bout it when she was on her periods. My poor partner was in so much pain. She told me having endometriosis when on your period it’s painful. She was really grumpy but when she asked for hot water bottles I was there to help her.

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hi, moving around just gently will help the gas disperse. It doesn’t last long but it can be uncomfortable! Drinking plenty water to help with bowel movements, no straining! Especially when taking pain relief as they can bung you up so drinking plenty fluids. Eat little and often and healthy food to help the body heal. No lifting or bending. We are all different and can feel different things at different times, but she will be ok. Lots of rest and sleep 😴

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Hi, I had a full hysterectomy one year ago and I’ve never looked back. It was the best decision ever! It’s possible that hearing things like that could help your partner through these difficult weeks. Here’s what I can suggest, 1. peppermint tea, lemon & ginger tea and lots of water help with the gas 2. Gentle steps in the first week or so 3. No lifting! Not even a light item from the floor. It’s really important to let things heal. 4. A 12 week recovery period is unrealistic for some people. It took me 16 weeks before I could do a decent outdoor walk or sit at a desk to do a few hours work and regular exercise is the norm for me. Your wife may find she bounces back faster but it’s so important to let her recovery work to it’s own timeline 5. Watch out for infection, a raised temp or oozing from one of the incisions isn’t normal and a course of antibiotics might be needed. 6. A pelvic health programme will really help her once her body is ready for gentle exercise I can recommend a couple of folk on You Tube that helped me. I hope this is useful for you. Please feel free to DM me if you have any specific questions.

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I had my hysterectomy in June and a bowel shave and the pain from my bowel was awful afterwards.

I recommend stool softeners, I took them for a month in the end. It really did help, and lots of water and moving about as she can.

Hope she feels better soon.

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thank you everyone so much for all your replies. Last night my partner got really upset saying since the hysterectomy she know longer feels like a woman. I’ve told her you are and your still beautiful to me and I love you loads.

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I drank lots of peppermint tea hot that seemed to soothe everything and for a few days sat with my feet up until things felt a little calmer I did also take a small amount of lactulose as the last thing she needs is constipation too that was so painful it is a big recovery every day gets a little bit better hope she feels better soon

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