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Mirena and endometrioma/chocolate cyst

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Hello everyone :)

I have an endometrioma of 6cm in my left ovary, no major issues with my endometriosis. I am on Mirena since last month, since my doctor says it could help to reduce the endometrioma and avoid surgery. I do not find any feedback on internet on this, just one girl from the USA that was taken oral birth control pills, she says her endometrioma shrunk while on the pill and on diet. Any other positive feedback? I do fully trust on my doctor, but it is always encouring to hear positive stories while waiting for the next ultrasound :) Which I will let you know the outcome :)

By the way, before having the Mirena. I was usually on pain the first day of my period, I tried acupuncture, and I can say it definetely works to reduce the pain. Anyway, I have been told that not all the acupuncture practitioners are good at that.

Also, although I have been on the Mirena just for one month. I would like to give my feedback on this, since so far it has been a very positive experience (although the first month on the Mirena there are some small side-effects as bleeding). The point is that I have read a lot of mirena horror stories on the internet which made me being very worried. It is not worthy! If your doctor thinks the Mirena is good for you, give it a try! People talk about weight gain, acne, decrease of the libido... I have nothing of them so far.

10 Replies
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I had the mirena laced during my operation in October last year. So far it's ok. I have heard horror stories as well about it. I have had side effects but I would expect those till it's settled. Apparently it takes six months. Xx

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Hi there. T hanks for this post. I have been diagnosed with Adenomyosis and Endometriosis and after heavy bleeding for months it was suggested I try the Mirena, which was fitted last Friday. Less pain already, but still bleeding so I am guessing it will take some time to settle. I am hoping this will work for me too. Thanks for your positivity which has given me a little uplift as there is a lot of negativity around the Mirena. Hoping it works well for you and that you feel much better too, and soon x

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rogelia in reply to PocketRocket2701

I had some disconfort and cramps the first two weeks, but it has lessen a lot. I am on my period right now, and it is already much lighter than without Mirena!

It is better to do not read anything on the internet. I was depressed two days during the first month on the Mirena and I was freaking out thinking it was the Mirena! But it was just one day I was travelling and tired and the other was the the day before my period (which is completely normal to feel down). And etc ... So it is better to do not read crap things on the internet and give time to the Mirena. And if we have any concern it would be better to go to the doctor that reading on the internet!

We have just to think that doctors says that Mirena is great for most of the girls. We should not think that we will be part of that small percentage of people rejecting the Mirena.

And, I do not know if my cyst will be reduced. But it seems that the Mirena will protect me against worsening my endo! So it is a good start :)

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PocketRocket2701 in reply to rogelia

Hi and thank you for your message. It was great to get a reply. I am on day 16 now of the Mirena and I am on day 6 of no pain, and now no bleeding. I am not sure whether I have already had a period as I did bleed on the Mirena for the first 11 days. I am getting headaches but this could be due to my usual lack of fluids on a daily basis. For the moment, I am enjoying the less pain and bleeding (a minor dull back ache but I think at 45 that is probably the norm for most, whether we have Endo or Andeno or not.

I am grateful to receive your positive response on the Mirena as indeed there is too much negative posted about it.

Thank you for making me feel more positive x

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I'm about to get my third Mirena. I have nothing but good things to say about it. I'm not lucky enough for my periods to have stopped but they are manageable and pain-free. It does take up to six months to settle. I use an app to log my periods and how I feel/how heavy they are because it helps me see how my situation is improving.

Trust your doctor/consultant not Dr. Google 😉

I definitely think it's helped my endometriosis/adenomyosis and the final Mirena should protect me until menopause (I'm 48).

Good luck x

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rogelia in reply to littlebrownbird

Thanks a lot for your feedback littlebrownbird :)

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littlebrownbird in reply to rogelia

rogelia You're welcome :)

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PocketRocket2701 in reply to littlebrownbird

Thank you so much for another positive response about Mirena. My Gynae is adamant it will work for me until the menopause and I recently turned 45. Should I know when I am getting my period, if I am now on day 16 post Mirena and day 6 of no pain or bleeding? I am so grateful for positive comments, as the negatives seem to be rife on the internet, with very few positive.

Good luck with your third and I really do appreciate your comments :) x

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Hey, girls! How everything is going?

I suddently had a trouble last month: vulvodynia. But it seems nothing related to the Mirena itself. At the moment, it seems that I have one contracture in my pelvic floor which probably got worse at the time the Mirena was inserted. Right now, I am getting much better with pelvic floor physiotherapy :) It was a very scared experience since it took too much time to me to address the problem and you know... I had to see several doctors in order to know what was going on... but at the end it seems everything it is sorting out.

Also, during this time I have met one person who said to me that one chocolate cyst she had was reduced with the Mirena but she did not tell me how many cm. Anyway, It is very inspiring to know it. Let see what happen in my future ultrasounds... I was told by my doctor that the cyst could be reduced sometimes with the Mirena but that it does not happen in all the cases.

By the way: I usually had pre-menstrual acne previous Mirena, and now after Mirena insertion I magically have no acne :) No weight gain neither :)

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rogelia Great outcome for you. Long may it continue x

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