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I am just looking for a bit of advice really,I have been told I have ibs and have been dealing with that for the last few years.About 2 years ago I started having left sided pelvic pain had a few trips to a and e for morphine,I have had scans the last scan was internal pelvic one and something was put down to poss endometriosis, so in December I was fitted with a mirena coil this has not helped with the pain at all,I am on tramadol daily and have now been given amitriptyline which will take a few weeks to work.I am back for a gyni appointment next week and just don't know what my next step should be ? Any advice would be really helpful,this is such a helpful site but when I read all the stories of what everyone has gone through it scares me for the future and any sort of normal life.


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  • Have you had a laproscopy? xxx

  • Hi

    No I haven't I think that's my next step,I'm going to ask to see an endo specialist got my appointment next week 

  • Yes do because im the same, I have had abdominal scans, I've had camera tests but nothing has shown up so next step for me is to ask for the laparoscopy xx endo will not show up on scans xx

  • Well good luck and keep me posted.

  • I will do thank you and good luck too you too x

  • Hi it's possible you have a cyst which can be very painful, I know I had an 11cm endometrioma on/in left ovary. You really do need to push for lap as it is the best way of finding out if it is endo. Good luck

  • Thanks

    That's the plan now to push for a lap.


  • Hi - what are your symptoms other than IBS and is this worse at any particular time of the month (or was it when not on hormone meds)? Do you have any lower back pain, pain with sex, referred pain to the buttocks, thigh, hip or leg and if so, which side, pulling, stabbing pain and if so can any of this  be at any time. Also where in the UK are you?

  • Hi

    The pain is left side pelvic area sometimes feels like into the thigh,sometimes it feels like pulling inside other times a burning type pain,before the coil was fitted 10 days before period pains started gradually getting worse.sex itself wasn't painful afterwards was unbelievable pain,needless to say sex life isn't great because of this.I have had 2 children and I have never had pain like this before.I am in Cumbria.


  • Hi lindle 

    I hope you don't mind me asking for some more advice I have read your posts and they are really helpful,I am having my 2nd gyni appointment this week just to check on my coil really but I am struggling on what to do next,at my first appointment I just wanted to try a coil to see if I could help things without a laparoscopy but into my 4th month now and the pains even worse.

    Can you advise me please I am going to hexham hospital so it's just a small hospital but lovely staff etc but I will travel anywhere to get the treatment I need.

    Thanks again treez

  • It sounds very like my endo tbf. I was diagnosed with ibs in my 20's, which 20 years later turned out to be endo around my bowel!  I had a gi lap to diagnose my endo!!  But I did get gynae referral then. Be patient with the medical staff (it's not like it's their job or anything 😂)!  I kept charts and symptom diary (period tracker app)  which my GP found helpful. Sometimes I think they just don't believe you, 'I had a period for 7 weeks', 'oh ok'!!!! 

    Good luck 🍀 

  • Hi

    Thanks that's really helpful,got my gyni appointment this week so doing lots of research before hand so that I'm not fobbed off.trouble is the nhs is in such a mess it's hard to get anything done  (best not even go there) I just wish I could afford to go private 😯

    All the best treez

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