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Fatigue getting progressively worse

Hi All,

I had a lap last year for endo however i felt it come back a couple of months back. I am now on the evra contraceptive patch to try to control this. Apart from pain here or there, i am more than anything suffering from fatigue which seems to be getting worse and I'm really struggling. I ensure that i have 1 days rest on the weekend where i do absolutely nothing, however i find that this still doesn't work and I'm still so tired. It's effecting my relationship with people especially my partner and i don't know how to get my energy levels up. I eat healthy, take vitamins, my iron levels are fine. I'm just stuck and any help would be appreciated x

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Sounds a very similar position to me! I work full time and do literally nothing on weekends, usually because I'm too ill and tired to even contemplate moving! I work in education so at the end of the term, like this week, I've been absolutely spent. Vitamins, longer nights sleep, shorter night sleep and frequent rests do nothing to stop it right? I can't think of anything else that's left to change that will make an impact but I know how horrible it is and if you need a whine or find something that you can work with, I'll be here x


Thank you so much for your reply, it conforted me on such a bad day :( i also work in education but part of the business development team so unfortunately i don't got half term off so lucky you embrace it! You're right nothing works at all. I've even tried to tire myself out by watching films all day, count sheep in my head (crazy i know) but do you find that despite how tired you are, you still struggle to get to sleep? Thanks so much, you best wish you never said that as i could rant all day long haha but the offer stands with you too x

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Huge hugs this is exactly what happened to me. I reduced to 4 days a week and still spent most of the weekend asleep on the sofa by the time I was diagnosed. Three weeks before my excision surgery I couldn't cope with the exhaustion anymore and went off sick with chronic fatigue.

I am much clearer headed since my surgery, and also feel better off hormone treatments though that's to be discussed at my next follow up.

It may be worth getting tested for iron, vit D, magnesium, zinc, thyroid, b12, to see if there are any contributory factors. Mine all came back clear except iron ( I took floradix as it's more absorbable) and D slightly under. I think really it was the adhesions and advanced stage of my Endo. My nodule was 3.2.cm and deep infiltrating so quite sizeable.


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