Pain gets worse at night?

Hi Ladies

The passed few weeks my abdominal pain has become increasingly worse. There's honestly times I think something inside me might just burst!

But oddly the pain gets even worse in the evening, I have found laying on my back eases it which is odd.

I was just wondering if any of you have experienced the same were your pain gets worse in the evening for no reason.

If so does anything help?

Thanks xx

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  • Your pain probably gets worse in the evening as 1 you have been busy all day and put a strain on it all, then in morning it's better because you have rested well, 2 everything always feels worse when we slow down and rest, xxx

  • Thank you that does make sense xx

  • Hi, my pain seems to get worse as the day goes on also, I have also had the feeling that there is something on my left hand side that may burst.

  • I'm actually terrified something may burst but I'm trying not to think about it as I'm due to have surgery on the 18th of this month anyway xx

  • Yes I've been having this for the last month consistently. Left side as if the endometrioma I have, has burst! Hideous!!

    Continue to wait forever for them to be removed!!!!!

  • My pain gets worse at night and when I sit down. My theory is because I've stopped moving around!!!

  • My pain is also much worse in the evening. I am on my feet most of the day as I have a physical job (fitness instructor) plus I have a dog and two horses so it's no wonder I'm sore and exhausted by the time I sit down really!

  • Wow I have no idea how you keep going. I was working as a show room hostess last year but the pain, Nasues and dizziness got so bad I had to go on sick and then I found I was just getting worse each month. So I had to quit 😕 Really loved my job too. Xx

  • I wonder sometimes! I do get complete waves of exhaustion and I am hopeless in the evening.

    I have stage four endo and it's pretty extensive but I refuse to let it stop me living my life. I honestly think the exercise helps as much as I sometimes don't want to do it!

    I have my first lap under a specialist centre on Monday so hopefully it will help with the pain a bit. My last one was just to investigate but the gynaecologist said she couldn't deal with it so referred me. Fingers crossed! My last treatment was six years ago when I had a large ovarian cyst removed and that's when I discovered I had endo but I knew nothing about what it was all about then so only went back to get it seen to a year ago when my pain got so bad.

    It's such a horrible disease 😥

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