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Fatigue getting worse after exercise


I'm in the middle of getting diagnosed with endo. I've had chocolate cyst on my ovaries over an year and since my symptoms got a lot worse this spring, now I'm finally waiting to see a specialist.

Has anybody else noticed that the fatigue and lack of energy gets a lot worse after extensive movement. I'm an active person and used to regular exercise but since spring my body has completely given up. After running, my body temperature rises and I'm forced to bed for next day and extreme tiredness hits.

Another strange thing I have noticed, is that when I climb up the stairs or try to run with fatigue, I get extremely dizzy and have a feeling of fainting. Has anybody else experienced that? Can it be related to endo or it might be caused by something else? My GP only links pain with endo but my blood tests are all fine.

Thank you in advance!

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I developed symptoms of chronic fatigue 18 months ago. It worsened significantly after my diagnostic lap. I had to cut down my working days.

Both Endo and CFS are associated with immune system issues. There is a significant overlap of people suffering both.

I've not been diagnosed with CFS as my doctor says the fatigue is caused by the endo inflammation and the pain ( which I don't get much of compared to many) . Which is also possible I guess.

I had my excision surgery 5 weeks ago and have the Endo all clear, at least for now. In another month I'll have a better idea if it was just the Endo.


Thank you for the reply.

Please do keep me updated. Have you also considered endo clinical trials? The waiting lines with NHS are what they are, so I have looked into some to get required monitoring.


I was lucky as I had employer insurance but that will cease at some point as it's deemed a chronic condition.

Not aware of trials but don't react well to drugs generally. Do you have a link?


I just checked them from NHS website


Hi. I have moments of dizzy spells but I just put it down to being slightly anemic. Throughout my life, every blood test has shown this. So I just up my iron intake for a few days. I'm also extremely lazy/tired a lot and just assumed it was simply laziness, however, having recently been diagnosed with severe endo, I now am guessing it's all to do with this? They say being anemic is a symptom of endo and so is fatigued. I've read it is also an auto-immune disease but I'm not sure about this.

Make sure you rest when you need too, it's your bodies way of healing don't forget.



Also has anybody tried Turmeric? healthline.com/nutrition/to...


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