Is it common to get re occurring fatigue?

I've had a post recently about fatigue with my endo... How has this affected other people please? What is normal? I have lots of other symptons too but not sure what is the norm with endo xx

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Hi, personally on bad pain days I feel exhausted! I think where I'm trying to just get through the day my body is fighting the pains so by the time I get home I can fall asleep on sofa. When my hips,legs are bad I feel I've run a marathon and got no energy left!

If I'm having a better day I still get tired but not to that extreme. I try to have one good layin at the weekend and it's not unusual for me to get up midday, but I find this helps give me a boost to cope with the next week. Last weekend I was up early as family visiting so am now feeling shattered! The only thing that helps me isa good sleep! I'm not sleeping properly at the mo I think it's partly pain waking me and knowing there's only 2 weeks to my big op I'm starting to get a bit nervous so that's not helping either!

I was also told taking painkillers constantly can make you tired too but I'd rather be tired than in pain so my only way to cope is to sleep !!

Hope that helps and you find a way to help feel better too x

Ah thank you. Hope your op goes well & it helps your symptons

My tiredness isn't helped by resting esp with a 5 year old! I feel tired even after a sleep or resting.

Thanku for taking the time to reply

All the best x

Thanks yes I can imagine that's tiring even without endo! I tried taking berroca vitamins every day for a while and did seem to help a little so might be worth a try x

Was also recommended bio kult vitamins so going to try them also x

Sympathy, I too get awful fatigue. Medication and ongoing chronic pain is tiring.

Poor sleep quality makes it even worse. I know they are not recommended too often but I have to eat pasta and have energy drinks to get anything done!

its horrible hey x im going to see my family doctor Tuesday as not sure where the line is of fatigue and cfs? I am going to look at my diet too x

Interesting you say that because I have heard there is a link with chronic fatigue and endo. I have also wondered if this is simply fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome. I would be interested to know how Gps define the two?

It's chronic fatigue wen u have it more den 12 weeks as far as I remember. I've been to my doctor bout it hoping it was low iron levels. Unfortunately not.

my doc was brilliant yesterday, going for blood tests tom. Have you got CFS Classiebird?

I've not been officially diagnosed, I only had it 8weeks at the time I saw my doctor but yeah I think it's fair to say I've got cfs seen as it's been about 6months I've had all the symptoms. I'm hoping my next lap will help d pain and in turn the chronic fatigue but we'll just have to wait and c

Fingers crossed for U


I have other symptoms on top, such as sensitivity to light and sound when I am bad, my hands cramp and feel weird and nausea. I did see an acupuncture lady last week and she said " oh dear you do suffer"! Will see if that helps

Hi boudy14

I also suffer with light and sound, its like I have the worst pains in my head when Im in a loud, bright room I also feel nauseous and sometimes get tightness in my chest. Its strange but I've only had them symptoms since I had my first operation when they burnt some endometriosis away, even worse since my 2nd operation.

I'm always tired too, exactly how lilly flower describes.

its just so horrible, I miss my old life being full of energy


I get really bad fatigue. I have fibromyalgia as well as endo and I find I get very tired .

I can only work part-time due to this and have to pace myself very carefully in order to be able to do anything. It is very hard and my heart goes out to you.

thankyou angelofhope, I only work part time and even that is a struggle at the moment..not sure how my doctor is going to react but this is the worst I have been this time round and think its time to get it sorted now x the girl I work with has fibro, not a nice condition to have x

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