Fatigue getting worse

Hi folks,

I'm new here and would like some advice. I was diagnosed with endo over 2 years ago and had a laparoscopy last year. My pain only eased for a couple of months before I was back at the gynecologists and on the contraceptive pill stopping my periods completely.

However, ever since I have started taking the pill my fatigue has gotten worse. All I want to do is sleep, I am constantly tired and taking naps throughout the day. I have been to the doctors but they say that the severity of my tiredness cannot be caused by the pill. It is really affecting my moods.

Has anyone had a similar experience or can advise what I should do?

Thank you

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I would request a blood test from your doctor to check and see if your iron levels are normal, Endometriosis and low iron go hand in hand x

I had this very severely too, particularly the sudden sleeping. I had all sorts of blood test for iron, low thyroid too which can coexist with endo but nothing came back.

B12 and Vit D are also worth checking.

The best theory I came up with was Endo induced chronic fatigue syndrome.

I was told apparently adhesions may have some kind crosstalk back to the immune system. Or perhaps the immune system simply gets worn out fighting the Endo all the time once it's advanced.

If you are sure it's pill related you could ask for a "free testosterone " level hormone check? No idea if there is any substance to this article but it may be worth investigating. ... chronicfatiguediagnosis.com...

I too have chronic fatigue. I had my second laparoscopy in September, which has helped calm some of my pain down, but the fatigue is getting worse. I am not on the pill, and have had lots of different blood tests, all of which have come back normal. Really struggling, as starting to fall asleep at my desk, and struggle with driving. I too think it is to do with your body continually fighting the endo. I would recommend getting your bloods done, just to rule out any other cause.xx

I have fatigue too. It's debilitating and frustrating. I'm having to take time off work because of it. Also, just found out I have Vitamin D deficiency for which I've had a course of high powered supplements. Fatigue is still ongoing so will return to Dr now we've ruled out the vitamin issue. I'm not taking any other pills (contraceptive).

As others have suggested, I would check with the Dr first that there's no underlying cause such as vitamin deficiency, thyroid problems, diabetes etc. Chronic fatigue is a common side effect of endometriosis. I'm going back to the Dr soon as the Vitamins haven't helped the fatigue.

I get the impression some doctors are less sympathetic than others. Just be persistent. Also, fatigue can affect thinking (and mental health) - try to stay positive and maybe take someone with you to the doctor if you are feeling a bit 'foggy'. xx

Thanks guys for your tips. I'm sorry to hear you ladies are going through a similar situation. It takes over your life the pain and tiredness. I have been to get bloods but they came back all fine. I'm going back next week to see them again to get to the bottom of it and I will take your advice and bring someone in with me as normally I forget something or don't take things in properly because I'm so tired. I had mentioned my endometriosis to them but they didn't really put the two together. I will keep you all updated on how things progress.

Thanks again for your help :) xx

Hi vitamins are important like the B vitamins, D3 but also magnesium.

Maybe see if you can have a blood test but i would look at vitamin supplements. Magnesium and B vitamins have helped me significantly with fatigue and D3 has helped me with bleeding in between my periods. Omega 3 also very good for pains. It doesn't take long to see benefits from taking vitamins ....maybe 1 week of taking the vitamins consistently. I take them in the morning with food and in the evening with food.

Good luck xx

Thanks Marie7. I will look into getting supplements. Hopefully they help. I have been upping my intake in spinach but haven't noticed any results. Supplements might work better xx

Hi smitz99, Spinach is good, if you can blend it raw in smoothies it might absorb better. Berries, banana and spinach with hemp milk. Frozen berries are good.

I do have smoothies and I juice regularly but I have done that for years on and off because the results just didn't happen fast enough. I have found that taking supplements with drinking the smoothies works better. The smoothies are filling and a good option before taking any vitamins xx

Hi i had explained to my doctor that i have been feeling physically exhusted and some days struggle to get out of bed. She suggested that it possibly could be M.E or fibromyalgia which is common in women with endo. If you look tbem up and see where your symptoms lie and see your gp about it. Have you had your bloods recently taken at all ? My b12 is low, was on tablets for it then they gave me a one off injection. I also have low vit d so on tablets for that too. Im due to get my bloods taken again this month to see how im getting on aswell. Also how about your iron levels etc. That can make you tired too x

Hello Smitz,

I am feeling very tired recently also combined with heavy legs. I know it's definitely not an iron deficiency as had blood tests, thyroid and other analytics carried out and they all gave good results.

Undergoing a nearly 2 year battle with what has originally been diagnosed as "IBS", however have now been referred to a gynaecologist given that my severe pain does not get better with any treatments/interventions I have tried. Suspected endo?? I really don't know, will see tomorrow when I have my consultation if I can get some answers....

Been on the pill for years (approx. since I was 15). I was given this in order to help regulate my periods and I don't believe this is the cause of the fatigue.

However I would say perhaps you could try changing to another "lighter" version. I have changed mine over the years as some did not agree with me.

Bets of luck!

Thanks ladies

I had my bloods taken about 3 weeks ago ruling out iron or thyroid issues. I'm going back for more blood tests next week as they now think it might be celiac related. I'm not overly sure about this though. I'm restricted to what pill I can go on because I also suffer from migraines. Popetta I was also originally diagnosed with ibs when it was endo as symptoms are similar. Don't give up. That was the worst thing for me not knowing what it was and the time it took for me to get diagnosed.

Best of luck at your consultation Xx

I have just started experiencing fatigue too, which is weird as i'm usually the most energetic person anyone's met!!! My endo flared up again after taking the morning after pill... I had a normal period and then started the normal contraceptive pill again and now I'm bleeding horrifically and all I want to do is sleep!!!

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