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Hi all...I had a laparoscopy and colonoscopy and biopsy and marina coil fitted on Monday and I'm finding it very hard to sleep at night the pain is waking me up, during last night I woke up feeling very hot and like I was going to be sick, my wounds feel sore but should I still be in this much pain, I read that people where walking around normally after that /5 days and I'm still struggling, did anyone else react like this

Thanks Jessica

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  • Hiya hun,

    Don't worry yourself about your recovery as everyone is different. Some may be well in early days whilst some may take a while to recover. As for the pains, Maybe you could see your GP to see if they could give you some stronger painkillers?

    I hope you start to feel better soon, Big hugs xxx

  • Hi hun Thankyou for the response, im just very impatient with not being able to do what I normally would, I phoned the doctors yesterday and they just said phone today if still in pain but it not just pain it's lack of sleep, lack of not wanting to eat anything, and the gp just isn't helping, I've never had an op before so I wasn't expecting this and I don't even know what they found or anything from the op, sorry for the rant

  • Hun trust me, your feelings are totally normal. It is very annoying when you just want to feel yourself again :/ unfortunately its part and parcel of having surgery. Things will be hard but they will get better, I promise! Just take things easy and be careful not to push yourself too much as you don't want to end up doing more damage. I'm surprised they've not told you if they found anything? Could you ask your GP if they have received the hospital notes?

    Rant on hunni, let it all out :) xx

  • Thankyou 😊 I'm trying to take it easy easier said than done haha, I've got an appointment tonight now with the gp to get stronger pain killers and for them to check out my wounds/dressings , but I didn't come out the general very well and I don't recall any conversations had 😳 but the docs said they haven't received my notes yet and the place I had the op won't tell me over the phone either, hoping no news is good news lol

  • i know hun haha! You'll get there!

    I'm glad you've been able to get into the doctors :) I hope they can do something for you.

    They usually talk to you about their findings after the surgery when you are groggy so yeah not the best time to do it! haha!

    Have you got a date to go back to see your consultant yet?xx

  • No I haven't got a date yet 😔 I just hope they've been able to diagnosed my problem

  • :/ i hope someone gets in touch with you soon hun, your gp should have your notes next week.

    Good luck with everything x

  • Thankyou hun xx

  • You're very welcome xx

  • Hello! I also had my laparoscopy with dithermy to endometriosis and the fitting of Mirena coil on Monday. I'm still struggling with the pain too. I tend to be ok during the day but I'm often awake from 2am every night in pain. I had a telephone consultation with my GP who gave me stronger pain killers. I'm wondering if this pain at night is still left over gas?

    I too have been getting fed up with my recovery time and feel like people who have had it think I'm being pathetic so please don't.feel alone!!

  • Hi hun, I'm awake around that time through the night for agood few hours aswell my doc said they think it could be my body trying to get used to the coil and they have given me codine this time it didn't really make any difference last njght how long have you signed off work if you don't mind me asking hun, Thankyou hun this has made me feel better knowing I'm not the only one I don't feel as I'm being a drama Queen now lol x

  • They have given me much stronger co-codamol for use alongside prescription anti-inflammatory meds. The pain killers don't make any difference on a night though. I wake myself up when the meds are due for taking again so it's my that they have run out.

    I've been signed off work for 2 weeks. x

  • I was taking Co codamol 8/500's but wasn't enough so now got to try codine, I've found nothing helps at night either hun, I had booked a week off but think I need to be signed off this coming week too just so I'm recovered properly x

  • I went back to the doctors and I have infection so on antibiotics and been signed off for 3 weeks 😒

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