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Post lap

Hiya Ladies,

I am 4 weeks post Lap with stage 2 endometriosis that has been treated.

However I'm still having serve pains in my right side which has always been my problem side before the lap.

I am also always so tired and have no get up and go. I find everyday a struggle to get any energy. I have even changed my diet to eat all the correct things to try and boost my energy but nothing seems to be working.

I'm having a really down fed up day today. Does anyone else feel like this?

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Hi Steph, I feel the same. I am only 6 days post lap but am exhausted. I didn't have my endo treated so your going to have a longer recovery time. I don't know about you but I felt exhausted and fatigued before so the surgery probably has made this worse. Your doing right eating healthily. I find walking boasts my mood a bit. I'm also quite down and emotional. I think this is normal. Take care xx


Thanks dawn,

I am tired all the time. Have been for years now even went to the doctors thinking i was anemic. It just really gets me down and fed up because i have a son who is 8 and i just feel so tired all the time!

I was hoping after the lap & that i was treated that the pain in my right side would gone but its really hurting today. I have had a 5 hour drive yesterday so dont know if thats why i am hurting.

How are you finding your recovery and how long have u had endo for? x


The fatigue and overwhelm tiredness is what I have found the most difficult. I have two daughter's of 8,years and 5 years. I also find it hard as you can't join in as much as you would like as am so tired all the time. I also realise how lucky I am to have my girls as a lot of people with endo are unable to have children. My symptoms started around 18 months ago but in hindsight I think I had it for a lot longer and my symptoms were masked by contraceptives. I was diagnosed 6 days ago with a small amount of endo on my bladder and on both sides of my pelvic area. My recovery is going good thanks just feelimg very tired and bloated. I'm sorry to hear your still in a lot of pain. Have you started any hormone treatments? Did they remove all your endo? Xx


Hi Steph,

I feel the exact same way. Had my laparoscopy in June and although they told me I don’t have endo, they did remove scar tissue and adhesions (no idea what has caused this, other docs still insist it could be endo that has just been missed). Since then I’ve had two weeks of feeling okay, and the rest I’ve been in terrible pain, also on my right side. Did you have a follow up appt? It would be worth trying to speak with your consultant again.

Like you, I also changed my diet hoping that would help relieve some pain and boost my energy but all it’s done is make me crave a really cheesy pizza. I’m putting a lot of the tiredness down to being in constant pain.... our bodies must be exhausted putting up with it! x


Hiya Dee,

I had lap, treated for endo stage 2. Was not told much else as my surgeon was in with someone else. I had to ask the nurse what actually was found. I dont know where in my body it was found all i know is that i had 3 incisions and was in for an hour and half.

My referral to my GP from the hospital still hasnt been sent so my GP cant discuss anything with me. It has been 4 weeks now. No i have not got a follow up appointment so i am abit lost & alone.

I am just getting fed up with the tiredness it is most of the time. I now suffer with depression and not sure if it co insides with endometriosis.

i am not back to work yet after my Lap due to the tiredness and the pain in my right side which i was hoping it would of subsided even if it was only for a few months. My job is physical and i find it quite hard and i have that much time off im worried im going to end up having to give up work which i dont want to do or cant afford as i have a mortgage.

i also feel so guilty to my partner as i have no get up and go and constantly down in the dumps. He so good and supportive but i just worry. x


I was the same, didn’t get to speak with my surgeon after (think someone saw me while I was still coming round and being pumped full of morphine so could barely remember him) and got no follow up..... it’s such a joke, isn’t it? I get that not everyone needs a follow up but if you’re left with questions after a surgery, how are you supposed to get them answered? I’m also waiting for a referral coming through again for me and it’s driving me crazy.

You’re right, it leaves you feeling totally lost, and I really feel at times that I’m almost starting to be ignored because I just can’t get anywhere. I really don’t think doctors understand the impact it has on our day to day lives. Your depression most likely is related to your endo in some way, it does take its toll and I think it does happen with a lot of women. Has your doctor managed to help you with this, either through medication or suggesting coping techniques?

I know it’s tough, but try not to worry about work at the moment. I was off for 6 weeks after my lap due to infections after recovery, and have been off again since last Wednesday. How are your work with you? Is there anyone that you feel you can speak to there? When you’re feeling more yourself and get to a stage of feeling ready to go back, you could even speak to them about doing a phased return with light duties to start you off so you’re not needing to stop completely. Just don’t push yourself to get there too quickly; I know it’s easier said than done, I’ve been in tears even just thinking about having to tell my work I won’t be in, but think I’m now starting to accept that we do need to put our health first.

You do start feeling bad about your partner too don’t you? Mines the same, really supportive but I do feel like I’m putting a lot on him... even daft things like not being able to go out whenever we want to. I don’t know about you, but my pain is really impacting my walking as well, and I really don’t feel like I want to be out and about just now, so it’s as if we need to miss out on every fun aspect of our lives right now x


Ive been to the doctors today still no letter from the hospital explaining the procedure to my GP.

As i am in so much pain today i have been lying on the sofa all day & my partner has had to get our son from school. Also i have been signed off work for another 2 weeks. Which is worrying as that will make it a total of 6 weeks off work.

I actually work in a hospital myself i am not clinical staff however. They are not very supportive and when you go back to work they just expect you to be back to normal. I have tried changing my hours so i can work 4 days a week. This has been granted only due to a letter from GP but only for a year which is better than nothing but i will have endo for the rest of my life. So i will try and fight this case once the year is up.

GP has phoned surgeon but was busy so managed to speak with his sec explaining i have had no relief in my right side since my Lap. So will have to wait to hear what is said.

My pain is all in my right side round to the bottom of my back and in my groin area however i do think I'm coming up to the time of the month but i am irregular. x


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