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Hi new to this site. I had a diagnostic laprascopy on Saturday my shoulder is pretty sore which I know is normal but I also have pain in my chest when I breath in deeply and a really dry cough which hurts my chest also. Just wondering if this is normal or should I call the hospital to get checked out? I haven't been able to sleep much as can't get comfortable with my shoulder pain but otherwise I feel ok, belly button is a little tender and feels bruised. Haven't bothered with pain meds since last night as they don't seem to help anyway, sure I'm immune to them. Just using a heat patch on my shoulder and drinking peppermint tea to try and get rid of the last of the gas xx

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  • Hi it's probably due to the gas, try to keep moving around as it will help disperse the gas. If you're at all concerned give GP a call and explain. Hope it eases soon.

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to make sure I get up at least every half hour and have a walk around, it's to uncomfortable to sit up straight so I'm sort of proping myself up with a load of pillows. Think I will give them a ring later if it doesn't ease, feels a bit like the start of a chest infection but just on one side x

  • I had the same when I had my Lap, Like Jean has said it is the gas! you'll start to feel much better in a few days! xx

  • Try Windeze it's an over the counter med. It helped me a little after my last surgery. Heat packs and warm baths too. Feel better soon. x

  • I had my lap thursday night and I've had that really sharp pain on breathing in too. Right by my ribs, was bad last night, when in bed lying down, but it has totally disappeared today :) So try not to worry and give it another couple of days and should be fine x

  • Thank you, I'm trying to just ignore it, although my son made me laugh before and laughing definitely hurt more than deep breathing but at least it put a smile back on my face 😄

  • Laughing is the worst!!! Haha and coughing too. if it helps i feel much better today, and I'm on Day 4. So hang on in there :)

  • Yep that gas can linger! I had a Lap abroad as an emergency due to ruptured ovary & no one there told me the possible effects of the gas, I was terrified, thought I was stuck like that!

    Also had the pain when breathing in which scared me more as I had had a respiratory arrest previously.

    It will all settle X x


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