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Period pain after lap

I have another question! I had my lap on friday, diagnosed endo and removed some adhesions. I'm recovering really well and got out for a short walk today so I'm not worried. But since last night I've been getting period type pain in my lower back and right leg. This is where the worst of my pre-menstrual endo pain is so I'm getting myself into a bit of a panic that the surgery won't have helped and I'll still be in the same pain as before. I know there's a lot of wait and see at this stage but I suppose I just want to know whether this type of pain is normal after a laproscopy?

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It can take up to four months to recover completely from your lap so give yourself time. You've had a lot done internally and those organs don't like being poked, prodded and moved around so they'll take a bit of time to move back into place. Expect the first few periods / cycles to be a bit odd, it may feel like it's a step back but basically the uterus goes into shock from the operation so it can throw the cycles out a bit. Our bodies can't tell the difference between removal of endo pain and endo pain so we'll feel like nothings changed; it will feel like that for a bit as the bit that's been operated on is the bit that endo was on before so healing may feel the same. It works the same way with stuff sticking organs together; it'll take time for those to heal up and the pain to go away. My specialist was realistic and said he expected about 50 to 70% reduction in pain from the excision of endo and unsticking of organs, I think it's about 90% with me. I know the pain will never go completely.

It's taken me about 4 months after my lap to have my periods / pain settle down; five months after my lap with my period and it's amazing to only have slight cramping pain and normal period flow for the first time in my life! I can actually manage with normal painkillers / a hot water bottle and don't need a change of trousers.


Thanks for sharing your experience. My period isn't actually due for a couple of weeks, I've just got similar type pains. I'm just going to have to wait and see how it goes I suppose.


it's the healing process; rest and recover, be patient :)


I sympathise. I was the same as you a few weeks ago. I was crying because I couldn't understand why I had pain in the same places after excision surgery. The lovely supportive ladies on here explained to me about the pain taking time to settle. Its now over 3 wks post lap for me and I would describe the pain now as a 'shadow' of the previous endometriosis pain. Same place but less intense and deep, definitely improving. I did find that if I walked too far one day the pain would be a lot worse the next day so don't overdo it. All the best for a successful recovery 👍😊


Hello racheles78

farahziya is right, it can take months to recover properly. Everyone is different at the rate they heal. Don't forget, even when the outside has healed, the internal muscles and fibers are still stitching themselves together. Considering you only had the lap on Friday and have already managed a short walk is amazing, but please do not overdo things. Your body needs time to heal. Don't rush things.

Best of luck


PS - hate to put in what is a negative point, but... endo feeds of oestrogen, so even after a lap it will eventually grow back😔😖


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