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Hi all... I had a laparoscopy and colonoscopy and biopsy and marina coil fitted on Monday and I'm finding it very hard to sleep at night the pain is waking me up, during last night I woke up feeling very hot and like I was going to be sick, my wounds feel sore but should I still be in this much pain, I read that people where walking around normally after that /5 days and I'm still struggling, did anyone else react like this

Thanks Jessica

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  • Hi hope your feeling ok, I was most definitely not walking around fine after 5 days of the lap, I had a slightly different lap where they also burnt the adhesions away so I had the keyhole incision in my belly button and also and incision further down, it took me a good 2 weeks to start walking without help and then there was an infection from the stitches inside so I was still struggling while trying to get rid of the infection, I didn't go back to work till about a month later, I think everyone's bodies are different so we all take different times to heal, I think just rest and if you are still concerned call your GP and see if they can help at all? X

  • Thankyou for the response hun, I have 2 incisions one on the bikini line and one through belly button (but I have no clue what they did as I was too out of it when I came around so waiting for my letter to clear this up) the docs have now given me codine with a side of but you have got to remember you have had an operation so you should experience some discomfort.. I just don't want people to think im taking the mick like I've know been people have a lap and be up after 2/3 days I struggled to walk to the doctors yesterday which is 3-4 minutes away

  • Yeah my other incision was just below the bikini line, that's what they used to get better access to remove the adhesions, but honestly don't listen to anyone else but your own body, my mum had to help me go to the toilet for the first 4 days as I couldn't walk on my own, you need to take care of yourself and you need to remember even tho it's a small incision they have still had to cut through your abdominal muscles to get there which is the core strength area so it will take time to heal xx

  • Thankyou and another question, very personal but I've had a couple of silver/shiny grey lumpy discharge when I wipe after weeing, have you experienced this?

  • I'm trying to remember, I had my op back in 2011 lol I think there was some discharge that was a bit different from what I vaguely remember, think this is just excess coming out from the op, I would say if it carries on or gets worse or changes then defo call GP and ask them :) but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about :) x

  • Thankyou 😊 x

  • No problem at all Hun, hope you start feeling better soon and it starts to work too! :) x

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