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15 days post lap, in more pain

I'm 15 days post lap (was an extensive procedure) and am starting to wonder if everything is alright. Since surgery, I have been in pretty much constant pain and nausea - from the moment I wake up to the last thing I experience before sleep: pain. The type of pain does fluctuate though, between stinging, burning, stabbing and cramping pains. Currently it's stinging and burning and I've been up all night with the pain (again). I'm taking codeine, paracetamol and ipuprofen religiously every six hours every day, with mixed results. Been using hot water bottle too. My swelling post surgery did go down quite a lot in the last few days, but I feel bloated and uncomfortable again.

One key change is that one of my glue-scabs fell off last night. I freaked out about it, as it was stinging like mad immediately and the wound looks very red-raw and deep. It is weeping clear liquid profusely and smells cheesy. I'll spare you the photo of it, I think you get the idea! I don't know how to care for wounds as the surgeon said the glue would come off when healed over, but it definitely does not look healed over to me! I don't have a fever and the skin around the incisions are red but not weird looking. I've just put a melinin strip over it to protect it.

My post-op follow up with the consultant is in three week's time still, feels like a lifetime away! Do you think any of this sounds concerning, or is it all normal? Any advice on how to feel more comfortable? Do you think I should go see a nurse or something? Also I'm meant to be returning to work one week from today, I've already extended the return and won't be able to do that again. I really thought I'd be back on my feet by now, but that isn't my experience at all. :-(

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Go to the GP! Absolutely does not sound right and I’ve had 4 laps. One of the main things to look for in infected wounds is odd smells and any kind of discharge leaking from the wound. I would book in an emergency GP appointment and also if possible try to contact the ward you were on or someone from the hospital as the level of pain you’re in, this many days post op, just doesn’t sound right to me xx


Ok thanks for the sanity-check! Feel like I'm going a bit mad with all of this. I've already missed the boat for today's same-day GP appointments, but I called the hospital as you suggested and the nurse is going to ring me back.

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Hopefully it’s all fine but it’s always best to get checked out. Do tell the nurse about the smell. Hope you’re okay xx


Well the hospital nurse said go see the gp nurse, and the gp practice said go to minor injuries at the hospital! So back off to hospital I suppose!


Always worth to get any change of wound checked over even if it is nothing

I’m 11 days post and I’m still not right myself. Pain some days, others not. But I’m not taking any pain relief at the moment

My bloating seems up and down but it has gone down which is the good thing.

I think worrying makes it all worse too, stress and all this makes a fire


Sounds like you are doing well, good for you! Amazing that you are not taking pain relief - I am taking so many tablets I must rattle lol

Yes, trying not to worry too much. I think my greatest worry at this point is managing to go back to work next week. I'm probably just getting ahead of myself (yet again)

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Your like me. I’m going back 14th/15th

But that’s a while away really it’s nearly 2 weeks but it is a worry as I know right now I’m not right yet!

I haven’t gone out tbh only once which I reckon is delaying my recovery


Yes I've gone out for short walks each day, just feels too depressing to me to stay inside! Not sure if I've done more harm than good though, the doctor I saw said my wound healing has been rather slow so far.


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