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Post lap... lots of pain :(

Hi all, so I had my diagnostic lap yesterday afternoon. Where endometriosis was found on my bowl bladder and pouch of Douglas this was treated via some sort of gas?. They sent me home last night with a 2 week sick note. I felt

Pretty crappy last night vomiting and sweating. However I have woke up at 4am this morning feeling like someone’s beaten me black and blue in the stomach. I’m assuming this is normal? I had morphine, orapmorph,

Tramadol and co codamol yesterday and this morning I’ve started on the tramadol o have but it doesn’t seem to be working?:( any ideas on how I can help the pain please?

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Oh you poor thing! I bet all the vomiting was just horrible on your body after all of that. Tramadol didn’t do anything for me. I was given stronger pain meds. Is there any way you can request stronger pain meds perhaps with anti nausea meds? That’s what got me through my surgeries.

Also icing my abdomen occasionally helped and as I healed more I started to use heating pads.

If you continue to vomit I’d call your doctor or hospital to be sure everything is okay.

I’m so sorry you’re having such a hard time ☹️ Feel free to message me anytime x


Ho, thanks for the reply. The sickness has gone brown thankfully. Just the awful pain so I think I’ll take your advice and asked for some stronger painkillers. X


So sorry you’re feeling so awful. Definitely see if your GP can prescribe something stronger so you can at least try to get comfortable.

I had my lap and treatment on 11th December and can concur, I felt like I’d been hit by a bus!!

Wishing you a speedy recovery xx


Just got a call back and he is prescribing me some oramorph for the next dews days, thanks for the advise guys x

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no ideas but if you feel that bad I would ring hospital for advice.


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