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Diagnosed IBS but constant pelvic pain

Hi all, i've posted a few times about issues with endo and bowels and post surgery recovery and i've recently been to the doctors who diagnosed me with having ibs and to take Mebeverine? for cramps and i have all the usual ibs symptoms, contipation, cramps, stomach ache, trapped wind, dizziness and headaches however they haven't given me an endoscopy or a ultrasound and told me to try the tablets first.

I'm have a pelvic/lower belly pain and back pain with bouts of it feeling worse then it will settle but the past three days it's constant! It felt tender when the doctor pressed on this area and doctor said it's likely to be ibs related endometriosis, i explained to him i had excision surgery in July this year and mirena coil fitted and he said he still thinks it's endo related ibs and to take the tablets and if they dont help then to go back however i don't know with this pain if i should go back sooner and ask to see a specialist or get myself to the hospital, what do you think???

I feel this pain when im sitting, walking, lying even when i sit down it feels like i've sat on a pole that's gone right through my bum and sometimes it gets so sharp but generally it feels more like an endo pain - achey/bruised feeling but my stomach swells when the pain is bad also.

Sex is painful and worse from behind, at first i felt okay after my lap but now i feel worse than i did before my op and it's just draining me but i'm also worried no one will listen to me as i've had an op and the surgeon was pretty sure he got rid of all endo.

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Defo sounds more endo ibs symptoms are very similar I would demand a referral to gynae if your already not with a gynae specialist if you already have one contact there secretary of the consultant and explain everything and say you need an appointment , your gp can not refuse to refer you , and until they do tests no one knows 100% what it is , hope you get all the answers you need

All I can say is be persistent I used to phone consultant office everyday until he agreed to see me lol. But it worked I had surgery to remove 6 nodules a week later

Good luck


Thanks for the advice I will definitely try next week to see a specialist I think because of my history and age they don't seem to want to do anything!


I know what you mean and right now you probably feel like your hitting your head on a brick wall but you will get there you just have to be persistent , it's so unfair it's your body you know it better than anyone else and yet they have the final say but keep going good luck


Yes I do haha but I also feel crazy like its something much worse or i'm imagining it but, I know something just isn't right and I will definitely push for it to be investigated, thank you!


Hi Hun, where you with a general gynaecologist or at a BSGE centre? It sounds like endo to me.

My bowel was stuck to uterus and caused horrendous pain at that time of month. I took the mebeverine and it really helped.

Give consultant a ring and see what they say.


Hi Jean, I was just with a general gynaecologist I wouldn't of thought it cold come back so quickly?? My surgery was only 5 months a go and because I have the coil I only had one period after my surgery.

I've only been taking the mebeverine for a couple of days so I don't think it's kicked in properly yet.

I'll have to demand to see a specialist xxx


You definitely need to see a BSGE specialist. They are the only ones specialised enough to deal with endo if it gets into the more awkward areas.

IBS is really just GP speak for "we don't know what's wrong with you", it covers every symptom that could be anything wrong with your bowels. It could be that the candida that is found naturally in the body has grown excessively in the bowel. Both candida and endo use oestrogen to stimulate their growth but both also produce it.. So if you've had or got one you're more likely to have the other. Candida needs carbohydrates to grow, so reduce them in your diet. The problem is that the candida also sends out messages telling you that you need carbs, so you feel like you've got a hangover. I cut out carbs almost totally and felt terrible for a couple of days then started to get better. I found it best to have plenty of root veg to make up for lack of carbs and provide some bulk to your diet. There is a lot of advice on the internet about candida but sites contradict each other.


I try to keep a low carb diet for health reasons but also they don't necessarily agree with me I even limit my meat intake nowadays but i will try more root veg instead. It's funny you mention candida. I've always suffered with thrush on and off but the past couple of months I've had thrush twice which spread also around my anus and up my tail bone skin area and Also suffering from oral thrush sometime and sensitivity on my tongue and a weird rash on my chin that will come and go.


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