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Pain in the bum... Literally haha!

Going to apologise in advance if this is too much information!

I've always had problems with my bowels and as my endo has progressed they have too. I have put it down to being pain related and been told it's probably ibs (as endo and ibs go hand in hand). So I have never really spoken to my consultant about it.

In 2013 I had surgery to remove endo and also adhesion from my stomach and bowel, but during my surgery in 2014 no endo or adhesions on the bowel was found. I had a scan back in October 2015 and the radiographer suggested that I had endo on the bowel... I went to see my consultant, he suggested that there was no written evidence for this. Also no urgent need for surgery which I was more than happy with, I am now trialing Microgynon and Amytriplaline to see if this helps.

However for about 5 weeks I have been getting a really sharp/stabbing/shooting pain up my bum and sometimes the same in my vagina. It's not continuous and I can't find a link between what might trigger it as it is just random.

I was just wondering if anyone knows what it might be? Or has anyone had the same pain and has a suggestion of how to treat it?

Sorry for the long post, wanted to give a bit of background first. Thanks for taking the time to read guys really appreciated!

Holl xx

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Hi Holl

Are you in the UK because if so the endo you have/had that affected your bowel must only be dealt with in a specialised endo centre where the surgeons have had training above that of a general gynaecologist. It seems irregular that a radiologist has suspected continuing bowel involvement (whether or not it is reflected in a written report - which of course it should be if this is his/her opinion) and your consultant wouldn't want to follow this up in view of your history.

It sounds likely that you may have involvement of the uterosacral nerves/ligaments that run through the pouch of douglas which is between the back of the cervix/top of the vagina and the sigmoid colon area of the bowel. Pain is typically felt in the back and referred to the vagina and bum and sometimes the thigh and down the legs. Since it can involve adhesions (scar tissue) that is not associated with the cycle then it can be random and will usually be described as stabbing or shooting pain. It is more common on the left side. There will usually be pain with or after sex. Endo can also affect the sciatic nerves but there would usually be leg pain with that that may be felt as far down as the feet.

Click on my name and have a look at my post on how to find a specialist centre as I would suggest you seek referral. x


Hi Lindle,

Thanks for your reply. Yes I am in the UK, other than when I had the adhesions and until the radiographer mentioned it. Endo on my bowel has never been spoke about so I presumed it wasn't an issue, like i said i put my bowel issues down to just another side effect of the endo.

I did feel confused when I went to see my consultant following my ultrasound and he said there was no evidence of endo on the bowel (even more so because it made me look like a liar and I felt embarrassed).

Now I have this pain, however it is on my right side? Intercourse is painful both during and after also.

Are these specialists private or nhs?

Thanks again for your help :) xx


Hi Holl - sorry I read adhesions as endo affecting the bowel since adhesions would suggest endo when you already have a diagnosis. Endo on the actual bowel itself does happen but is a relatively rare complication of severe endo but in the pouch of douglas it's common and because the uterosacral ligaments are very close to the bowel this is the cause of IBS symptoms in women with endo. The problem is that IBS is common in women anyway due to hormone connections which is why doctors so readily make that diagnosis instead of endo. But you know you have endo and intestinal adhesions so they really should be thinking of POD/uteroscaral involvement. You clearly need a second opinion and most of the centres are NHS. You have more rights to exercise choices in England - where are you?


It's okay, it is the way I have written it. They never told me I had endo on my bowel just that I had endo in other placed and adhesions on my bowel and stomach, so I'm not sure if that means I had it or not? I am going to see my consultant on the 11th so I will make notes of what you mention and ask him, as during my initial diagnosis I remember my pervious consultant mentioning the Pouch Of Douglas, however didn't know what it was at the time and again it hasn't been mentioned since.

Thank you very much again, for your help xx


After speaking to another friend with endo, it seems to be a common symptom to have shooting pains up your bum.

Many times I have had a pain that I can only describe as having a cattle prod shoved up my bum (haha sorry for my crudeness!) which makes me grab anything around me.

My gyno consultant believes that I could have endo on my bowels also but believes that further surgery would cause more harm to the bowel than good.

I would suggest talking to your gp and consultant again. Perhaps you need stronger to be reassessed and have some stronger painkillers.

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain I know how horrible it is.


Hi Sian , thank you for your reply. The way you described it is exactly how it feels for me to! Have you always had it, just because I've been suffering with endo for the past 8 years and until a few weeks ago i have never felt it before?

Thanks again for your reply :) xx


After two years of investigations and every consultant and Dr telling me Endo is very rare in the bowel and very unlikely, this was confirmed by a gastro consultant only a few weeks ago. I have symptoms similar to IBS however bleeding would only be a few days before my period. They obviously didn't take this in when talking about endo. I would keep going for answers as I did and never gave up. I now have been diagnosed with fibroids also and my consultant appointment isn't until February. I am lucky though as I don't suffer with too much pain however I do have severe back ache!!

Good luck and keep fighting for your answer, just because something is very rare doesn't mean that you don't have it!!

Jo x


Hi Jo, thanks for taking the time to reply. I am sorry about your recent diagnosis however am glad it doesn't cause you too much pain. Did you ask for the referral to Gastroenterology yourself or was it suggested by your GP or Consultant? Fortunately I don't bleed from my back passage, just have symptoms of ibs. As much as I don't want more health care professionals, poking and prodding another area haha. I will definitely mention it, as I would like to get to the bottom it.

Thanks again xx


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