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Is this endo or ibs? Sick of pain


Hey guys

I'm new to this, so hi! I'm arriving now just because I'm so sick and tired of pain. I've been to the doctor multiple times - many saying it's nothing - and I'm just so fed up now.

A doctor's told me it's ibs. But I just don't think it can be.

My gut is lazy - I get that. Sometimes I have phases of just not going. I get bloated and feel uncomfortable.

But the pain.. during my period if I try to go to the loo (poop) it's excruciating. I have to take a bit water bottle with me and end up shaking in absolute pain. I have to think wait I might be sick I need to change ends. I can't tense or strain just because my stomach is in so much pain - any movement of my lower abdomen is horrid.

I've tracked it - and during ovulation it's bad too. Constant stomach pains day to day -worsening as i ovulate then calms down completely when it's gone.

It hurts to have sex. Certain positions bring period like cramps and Sharp pain. As of recently I'm getting light cramps after sex too. I'm feeling stupidly crap because now it's getting in the way of everything.

Wtf is this? I'm so fed up. Anyone have an idea? Do I push my doctor's for more investigation? Or just leave it at ibs?


Nicola Rose

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I would push this. I had all these symptoms that you have described and it turned out that I had stage 4 endo on bladder, pelvis, back and bowel!

I have had 3 operations since and still have trouble with my bowel and have to take lactose which you may want to try to see if it helps a little bit.

Hope you get sorted!XX

Exactly the same response as LH14. Push for gynae referral. I too had same symptoms and it was stage 4 severe endo, everything stuck together. I also have had 3 ops, my most recent has not solved my pain this time 😢. Bowel issues also. I have to take two sachets of laxido each day to try and keep me going. Please don't be fobbed off. If this GP doesn't listen go to another. Express your concerns about Endometriosis, if they dismiss it just say you'd like to see a gynaecologist at least to rule it out. You're within your rights to ask for a referral. Once you're with a gynae they should be a lot more understanding and will no doubt agree with you. Initially I went 5 years undiagnosed and by the time I got to a endometriosis specialist he couldn't believe how text book my symptoms were and that I'd been ignored for so long. A pain clinic even told me my pain was psychological 😩😩 Good luck.xx

Try and push him to see a consultant and get a laroscopy done.

Same as everyone else, I was also told I had IBS and then went on to be diagnosed with very severe disease. I had actually asked my GP if it could be endo and he told me I didn't have the symptoms. You need a referral to a gynaecologist. Please go back and see a different GP if you can - it's worth asking your surgery if any of the GPs or nurses have a special interest in female health as they may be more knowledgeable. It's definitely not something to just leave as if it is endo things will only get worse.

hope you can get help soon. x.

Hey guys thank you so much for the replies. I was quick on the ball and have been back to doctors. I need to do a poop sample to really get rid of any other options - and the doc suggests a full Sti screen too. All of which I know I'm ok he just says so they don't say oh get one done. Then I'll be referred to a gynea. Finally !

They do that, don't they - I had 4/5 STI scans in the process of being diagnosed, in spite of being with the same partner for 4 years! But I suppose they need to rule it out :P

Hi Nicola,

I spent many years searching for a diagnosis with very similar symptoms to you to only have to add symptoms to my list the longer I was undiagnosed. I was diagnosed with IBS, Intercystitial Cystitis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction prior to finally being diagnosed with Endometriosis. You may definitely have IBS but it will not cause all of the symptoms that you have and it does sound like you have endometriosis as well. When I was finally diagnosed, my specialist told me that most people with endometriosis have IBS, IC or pelvic floor along with endometriosis and that they are normally conditions that come hand in hand and aggravate each other. They also said that statistics show it can take someone up to ten years to finally be diagnosed. Keep searching for answers and be your own advocate. I learned that the hard way by going through needless years of pain and only getting worse and remember you are not crazy for what you are feeling. Do your research and go to someone that specializes in endometriosis and listens to you so that you can finally get some answers.

Push to be investigated further. I have all these problems and am now awaiting a full hysterectomy as my end is so bad. Hope u get sorted x

I can't believe how similar my symptoms are to yours and the others commenting. I was told I have IBS so I went on a low FODMAP diet for the past 7 weeks. It has helped with my everyday digestion, but now I am seeing that it does nothing for the severe pain I have during period and ovulation. I have an open invitation from a gynae to have a lap to look, so I don't know yet, but am assuming it must be endo. :( hope you get the right help soon!!

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