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Constant pain and so confused. Can anyone relate?

Hi all back in oct I went to the gyno because sex was painful and I was experiencing pain all through the month. She suspected endo and said to see me again in 3 months. Im taking cilest pill bk to bk as requested by gyno. I bleed for 2 wks so had a wk break. Now back on the pill no bleeding, I have severe rectal pain and vagina pain absoloute agony when I wee or poo. (Sorry) feels like im in labour. My bladder always feels full but not much comes out. I don't get much stomach cramps. Iv been back to docs this month 4 times. She says I think you have an anal fissure but I don't see it.. I feel bloated, no appetite andbecoming very depressed.

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Ive got endo in the pouch of Douglas and uterosacal ligaments and I had the same problem's you describe.

I also have a really bad burning pain, get back to your doctor and ask for a laparoscopy to find out. Good luck it makes you feel awful x


Definitely go back. It took me 4 years to get diagnosed, you have to persevere. I had very similar symptoms, pelvic pain, diarrhoea with periods and sex became so painful it was impossible. Keep going back, it's your body and you know when something is wrong x


Yes agree with above. Besides even if you had analysis fissure it doesn't explain long periods. They tried to say ibs to me but how does that cause periods that are 2 weeks long every 2 weeks!!! I'm still waiting for proper diagnosis at lap.

I've read on here that recto vaginal endo can cause some of the symptoms you describe. Hope you get some answers xx


So today I had a emergency detailed laproscopy and no endo, 100%.... So confused! Going to have bowel investigations now and interstitial cystitis investigation.... In total shock Because yesterday I was told I def had endo and they will give me hormone injections. So glad I pushed for a laproscopy! !!


Hi Charlotte,

So sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing. I can relate to your issues. I have had mild endometriosis/or do have confused about that now. However last lap they could not find anymore or explanations for my severe pain rectal pain and a lot of pelvic pain which for a long time was put down to endo. I am 25 and never thought I would end up with the diagnosis that I now have - internal prolapse. I have intususseption enterocele and rectocele as well as uterine prolapse. I have never had children and so this is fairly unusual in someone my age, however after 1 year of hell I have a diagnosis and I can have a new surgery which avoids hysterectomy to fix everything back up. I am just sharing as previous to my final diagnosis over the last several years I have had similar suggestive diagnosis to you and similar tests done. If you think you might have the same issues, gps and general gynae/gastro are not good at dealing with it in my opinion, you need to see pelvic floor specialist centres/colorectal surgeon. The tests needed to rule this out/diagnose are not nice but if your at end of your tether like I was your dignity goes out the window. I had a colonic transit study, defeacating proctogram (even worse than it sounds) colonoscopy and MRI scan. The one that showed the specialist how severe it was, was the proctogram and the barium X-rays they take during, this unfortunately is the only way to see that your insides are collapsing and causing you obstruction when you go to the loo. its been a scary but I really feel knowledge is power and once I knew what was wrong I have been able to manage my symptoms better and I have pushed to get the treatment I need. By no means am I an expert and this may not be relevant to you at all, but I hope it helps even just to rule out. If you think I may have clocked something please ask your gp to refer you to somewhere which has facilities to do the test. Hope your feeling better soon. I am currently chained to the sofa! Xxx


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