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Hey ladies I'm 23 and got diagnosed after a laparoscopy in August found the endo. I had the endo cauterised. My problem is before the op I had a few symptoms like irregular bleeding. Pain and bleeding after sex. The pains where manageable, Although it was getting worse which is why I had the surgery. But since the surgery I've been in agony. It's hurts during and after sex. I pelvis feels on fire if I do exercise. I even hurt like shooting pains when I need to use the toilet and while on the toilet. And my period pains are horrific like crippling. I've been put in the combined pill and I'm 12 days into

It and come on. Surely I shouldn't be coming on I've still got another 9 days of pills. I'm so confused, upset and down all the time. any help and advice would be amazing. Thank you xx

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  • Morning Lucy, so sorry to hear about your trouble. I had the same surgery 2 years ago and I found it difficult to exercise after having the op and still do to a degree especially running as I get pains in my hips. The pill never worked for me either so what my consultant advised was to get the mirena coil fitted. At 1st it was awful with irregular bleeding and pain and then it settled down and I was really good for around 4 months. But unfortunately the pain started again and I ended up in the pill at the same time and now I have to have an operation again.... 9 days time. But ask to give the mirena a try as it does help I was just unfortunate I think as I have nothing but complications since I started having pain. But good luck and chin up. Your not alone xx

  • Also after my 1st operation I tried having sex month later and it really hurt I think it stopped hurting about 3/4 month later, you've got to remember you have had surgery down there and it will still be healing xx

  • Sorry to hear of your feeling bad. I have lived with endo for many years. I can advise you to seek out adequate pain relief and use it to help live and be in life. I tried many pills and was allergic to all the estrogen except in one called 'qlaira' here in Australia and also containing 'dienogest' . I no longer have a withdrawal bleed at all and I don't often take breaks as it causes pain. Make sure your GP is listening to you and treats your pain. I also find heat pack, tens machine and regular use of things to help bowel health help to keep me working and in more in life. It took me 3 months of spotting on the qlaira/ natazia pill but if is the best treatment I found. Endo can grow from estrogen and not all combined pills should be used as I understand it because of this. Good luck and I hope you find a way through.

  • Yes Lucy1991,

    I posted a heading,"I don't get it" , and Impatient gave an excellent explanation about birth control and how endo ladies do use the combined pills, Check it out!

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