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Endo related pain or something else?

Hi all,

Hoping someone might be able to help me out in regards to whether the pain I'm experiencing currently is likely endo related or something else as its not a pain I've experienced before.

Started last night, lower abdomen, odd pain to describe but relatively central, painful if pressure applied, worse when lying down, especially on side, almost feels like gravity is 'pulling it down' which accentuates the type of pain that I'm feeling, but still uncomfortable upright. Not sure if related at all but yesterday had a sudden onset of pain across lower back and into sides and felt like racing heartbeat but all quickly subsided, and a headache that I haven't been able to shift for a few days.

From experience is this something that you have found to be endo related or is it more likely to be something else? (Just deciding whether it's worth seeing the DR or whether it's just endo).

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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How are you feeling today? I had an endomitroma and I would feel similar to that right before my period, especially when my bladder was full. Or when I needed to have a bowel movement. The thing is, I doubt it would hit you so hard all of a sudden if it was endo. I could be wrong, but endo seems to build upon itself. Getting worse and worse over time. If you are having sudden chronic pain, you might want to head to the hospital. There's an array of stuff that could be contributing to you pain. I hope you are feeling better today.



Thanks for the reply. I'm on the pill so periods are controlled every 3 months, so I know im not about to have one! Pain still there so managed to get in with my GP this morning at 10:40 so will see what they say!

Yer all the other stuff that can cause sudden abdominal pain has run through my mind, but don't seem to have had a fever which is why I'm thinking its probably nothing to serious but like you said, best to get it checked out! X

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Good luck. Let us know how the appointment went


Well, went to the DRs, turned out I had a bladder infection just with NO symptoms other then abdominal pain! Easy fix which is good lol. X


Fantastic! Well, I mean relatively. Glad to hear you figured it out.



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